The Path To Living Life Lighter


We are energy beings. This means we are conscious beings. We are consciousness. And, all of our thoughts, feelings, emotions are within this state of consciousness. This goes with us everywhere we go, 24/7. This is why it’s so important on a daily basis to process our fears, anger, disappointments, hurts and to let go of grievances, negativity, to forgive others and ourselves, to observe and process our internal beliefs and programs, to observe our reactions to life and our insecurities, to observe our feelings of hate, and limited beliefs and to observe when our ego kicks in and is screaming for external validation and recognition, especially when we have self doubt and a lack of love for self. Many people are not even in touch with their feelings and they are just in “anger” mode. What is within us comes out in our interactions in our relationships and it hinders how we perceive all of life.

The path to living life lighter, to inner freedom is through evolving. And, the way to evolve is to be conscious of what is within us. To be “aware” and open to seeing more than the box we live inside. To be acutely responsible, watch yourself when you get triggered by someone else. This is a good sign something within you needs to be seen, healed and processed. And, then possibly appropriate action needs to take place.

We need to live in absolute integrity with ourselves. This means, move in a direction that feels like a natural resonance, that feels good, inspiring, joyful, supportive and honoring and fulfilling. Part of living in integrity is being able to say no to things and yes to interesting and resonant things, situations and people.

You are a divine being. When our consciousness is filled with LOVE, JOY, INNER PEACE, HARMONY, BEAUTY, and it’s focused on what we want to create, what we love, how we choose to live, WE ARE POWERFUL. YOU ARE EMPOWERED. Here’s to US living powerfully~ Love, Laurie

p.s. Say, “I’m open to see more, to perceive life in the highest way possible aligned with unconditional love. I intend to expand my consciousness to hold more love and light and raise my vibration.”