I have seen so many wonderful transformations in people and it is my pure joy to have students share their yoga practice with me. It brings me peace, calm and a pure open heart feeling connected to the oneness of everything. Have you tried it?

Public Yoga Classes (Laurie also teaches in private communities that are for residents only)

If you are not local to my area, I recommend my Online Gentle Yoga Class or my Yoga DVD video. It’s a basic yoga class for all levels.

  • Online Gentle Self-nurturing Yoga Classes with Laurie Martin


    The gentle, nurturing online yoga classes are relaxing, challenging , calming and peaceful! Being in our homes,  we all really appreciate the sacred energy we create in our own environments of inner peace and tranquility and makes it easy to use supporting props such as: comforting pillows, chairs, heating pads and walls to enhance, and support our poses.  It’s one hour of connecting heart to heart, spirit to spirit and leave our stresses behind. My intent as a teacher is using clear communication guiding the students into the poses and into a state if inner peace, contentment and relaxation.  During class, there is a strong focus on being in the moment, connecting and respecting our bodies. As well as the visual aspect of watching me in the poses on the computer screen, I also give many verbal cues for the students to maintain proper alignment. 💗

    Each participant has the choice whether to be seen or not. I’m on the big screen on your computer.

    Class Schedule:

    Sunday 10:00 am, EST
    Monday 9:00 am, EST
    Wednesday 9:00 am, EST
    Friday 10:00 am, EST
    Saturday 10:30 am, EST

  • Laurie Martin Yoga

    Yoga In-Person with Laurie Martin

    Currently, all Laurie Martin’s yoga classes are being offered as ONLINE gentle classes. Please visit the ONLINE yoga information: Online Yoga

    Laurie Martin received her yoga certification in 2002, where she completed her 200 hours through the At One Yoga Studio teacher training program in Scottsdale, AZ. Laurie has over 50,000 hours teaching yoga.

    Private Yoga Sessions are available upon request as well as Laurie’s two yoga video’s are available for purchase.