Business & Life Coaching

Laurie Martin has been a certified life coach for eighteen years. She specializes in assisting and inspiring others who are in the midst of a challenge, a life transition, assistance with managing emotions, clarifying direction and pursuing goals, improving relationships, healing the heart and in need of personal empowerment and self-love techniques.

  • Business & Life Coaching Session’s


    Business Coaching:
    Laurie Martin is an active credited life coach for eighteen years. She focuses on the clients needs, specializing in assisting individuals and groups to work together creating respectful relationships with congruent intentions. Her guidance and tools help others expand their perspectives, clear away limited thinking, get into mind and heart space of solutions and infinite potential, improve communication with colleagues, receive clarity and direction and improve listening skills and achieve agreed upon goals. And, most importantly Laurie helps create a more peaceful and harmonious environment. Coaching is done over the phone, zoom or FaceTime.

    Life Coaching: Laurie excels at helping individual’s access and clarify their truth, desires, passions and tap into inspiration and personal empowerment and self-love techniques. Laurie’s work is focused on moving from fear, worries, anxiousness to love, trust, inner peace and healthy living.