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    Laurie Martin has been a certified life coach for eighteen years. She specializes in assisting and inspiring others who are in the midst of a challenge, a life transition, assistance with managing emotions, clarifying direction and pursuing goals, improving relationships, healing the heart and in need of personal empowerment and self-love techniques.
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    Laurie Martin BooksIn my books, through stories, I  share candidly many of my previous struggles, insecurities and fears in the hopes that they provide insight into your own life. The books provide the tools and techniques that will empower you to release fears and live a more harmonious, empowering, courageous and fulfilled life. We are all awakening to living life as fully empowered sovereign beings. Use the books to help you practice unconditional love and full acceptance. They are highly interactive for you to have an experience of the material, therefore the books contain many exercises, visualizations, affirmations, powerful intentions and uplifting approaches and perspectives. I recognize you, the reader as a unique, divine powerful being and the books holds this vibration. As you connect with the vibration,  the intention is for you to feel your pure essence of love, light and joy and walk back to yourself, to your power, to your wholeness and to your heart. All of Laurie’s books are inspirational, uplifting, empowering providing life stories, examples and many useful experiential exercises, tools and practical information to live powerfully.
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    Events with Laurie MartinAll three classes/Course has been APPROVED by the Florida Department of Nursing and Florida Department of Nursing Assistants. All nurses and nursing assistants earn continuing education units for attending. All of Laurie's classes and courses are very experiential and are designed for the participants to feel empowered. The classes and courses are based on Laurie's books, life experiences, clients stories and research. Laurie has studied self-love and personal empowerment with a microscope and shares her best tools and techniques to help others map their way to their wholeness and inner peace.
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    I have seen so many wonderful transformations in people and it is my pure joy to have students share their yoga practice with me. It brings me peace, calm and a pure open heart feeling connected to the oneness of everything. Have you tried it? Public Yoga Classes (Laurie also teaches in private communities that are for residents only) If you are not local to my area, I recommend my Online Gentle Yoga Class or my Yoga DVD video. It's a basic yoga class for all levels.