Healing Through Loss and Heartbreak Live Class

This class has been APPROVED by the Florida Department of Nursing and Florida Department of Nursing Assistants. All nurses and nursing assistants earn two continuing education units for attending.

This class is for people who are healing from a breakup, considering a breakup, or a loss of a relationship. In this two-hour interactive class, we explore our current emotions and process anger, sadness, and all uncomfortable emotions. We explore our beliefs around love, relationships and observe our patterns and limitations.



The presentation sheds light on uplifting viewpoints and helps us expand into our unlimited potential. Laurie shares her personal stories in a very open, practical and relatable manner, and lessons that she learned.

This class helps:

  • To heal from a breakup or loss of a loved one and stay open for the future.
  • To come to terms with accepting and embracing the ending of a relationship and living in the unknown.
  • To identify the beliefs, feelings and emotions around a breakup or loss and explore what is possible.
  • To open and expand viewpoints around the breakup or loss and how we identify ourselves.
  • To release emotional attachments and move into acceptance, forgiveness and adapt to the present moment and live more peacefully.

In a visualization exercise, we observe feelings, beliefs, thoughts, emotional attachments, and perceptions around the loss or breakup and acknowledging our feelings and gain clarity and insight. Laurie will guide the class through “emotional freedom technique,” a meridian tapping technique to restore balance and process uncomfortable emotions.

We discuss self-acceptance, forgiveness, boundaries, guilt and self-love after the breakup and loss. You will have plenty on time to share and ask questions.

Date/Location: TBA



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“I recommend it 100%.”

“This class has helped me learn techniques to destress and tap into feelings I did not know was affecting me. It helped me tap into my inner self.”

“Very interesting and helpful to learn there are such techniques to tap into and release stress and negativity in your life! Great introduction to a great practice. Thank you!”

“The whole class was good. I’ve been on a self- awareness journey and I am aware of negative feelings/thoughts can affect myself negatively & hold me back. It helped me identify and clarify an issue/conflict that I” dealing with right now. Actually I haven’t been dealing with it. I’ve been avoiding dealing with it and have been aware of that so this has helped me to acknowledge that.”

“The class will help me better communicate without hurting others.”

“Most memorable was learning to be more aware of our inner-selves, and being in the moment. The class helped me identify areas of past hurts and self-rejection and to help me move forward into a heart of peace and inner healing. I enjoyed Laurie’s class because it brought out some of my hidden fears and past emotional pain and put it into a place of acknowledgment and healing over it.”

“The lecture, exercises and interactions with the group was most memorable. It helped me to love myself, I am worth it. As a nurse we are wired to help people feel better. It is ok to help myself, love myself and be true to myself. I have finally taken the time for me, love me and take care of me.”

“Being a caretaker I often times am forgetful of who I am as a person and often neglect myself. Now I can say after attending this course and learning the different techniques I can move forward in life. I love myself.”

“I really enjoyed the visualization exercises . I got a lot out of them. It was filled with great information about letting go of negative thoughts and being less judgmental of ourselves. Laurie today was very enjoyable and informative. Thank you.”

“All the exercises were very helpful. Helped me in relaxing my body. It helped me recognize who I am, accept myself as I am, be responsible for my actions and learn how to communicate effectively.”

“Laurie is passionate about helping others be more loving towards themselves and others. Her class is especially effective for those who care for others dealing with illness and life and death experiences. The most memorable was the unconditional acceptance and love techniques and visualizations, EFT, kinesiology, detachment and observation of situation and responding rather than reacting. Thank you, Laurie – it was a great presentation.”

“This class will help me to continue in the process of loving myself without judgment and helping those in need of support in the doing the same.”

“ After attending this class and learning the different techniques, I can move forward in my life. I love myself.”

“Most memorable was to take a step back, a deep breath before reacting, think before speaking. And, to remind myself that I’m important.”

“I will incorporate these skills into my own life journey.”

“It helped me to think about focusing in the present moment.”

“I highly recommend this seminar for anyone, not just needing coaching. Very positive experience.”

“Laurie did an excellent job in having you look at yourself and life’s situations in a much better way, and how to deal with them. Very insightful.”

“This course helped so much, especially because there were others attending it. It reminded me that I’m not the only one that goes through hardships.”

I highly recommend this seminar for anyone, not just needing coaching. Very positive experience.”

“Great course on program principles of awareness, acceptance, action, boundaries, perception, detachment, forgiveness, trust, speaking our truth, letting go, choosing to live a life of ease. I learned tools for empowerment in my life.”

“This course was enlightening. It helped me find ways to let go of the past and onto a path of forgiveness.”

“Definitely should take this class!

“The exercises were great. Each one tapped into something I needed to do. I needed to learn how not to react but to respond.”

“Great class to deal with day to day life with excellent tools.”

“I loved the entire class! It helps with self-acceptance, mindfulness, how to communicate better. It was a great experience.”

“Laurie is very personable, energetic with a positive attitude. Great presentation!”

“Thank you very much for the Smile Across Your Heart seminar on Saturday. It was very helpful and informative.I became a little more self aware. I loved that we were able to have discussions without judgments. I ordered all of your books. You are amazing.”

“Learned exercises to use every day to focus on my well being. I recommend this class, and would tell people you will feel so much better.”

“This class showed me how to clear my mind and just focus on myself. I learned how to calm my thoughts, clear external distractions & focus internally.”

“I learned to totally relax in the moment. It’s a great class for people who have problems with blaming and anger to learn to let go of their stuff. Reinstalled the importance of letting go, loving me and doing and saying what’s best for me without being hurtful.”

“Thank you sooooo much, Laurie, for this wonderful class!!!! It was blissful!!!!! So happy to have been there. Laurie Martin it was fantastic!!!! Thank you soooo much for creating the quiet, peaceful space and for sharing so many insightful tips for our everyday life.”

“Thank you again for a great class! The breathing and relaxation exercises along with the emotion processing visualizations were 2 of my very favorite. I’m looking forward to another class in the future.” Rosa Cabrera

“The Stress Release Restorative class what great! I thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience. You provided many new techniques that can be utilized by anyone.  I especially found it helpful to look at myself from a different perspective during the ‘meet yourself in the future’ portion. Thank you!” Liane Wagner

This has been a life changing powerful course! I am a recent empty nester and have the time to find my power on so many levels and live life with unconditional love for others. I loved the helpful information on how to trust yourself, your intuition and the respond versus react scenarios. It really resonates with my growth. It is the peacefulness I have been searching for and I am creating it with the tools supplied from this wonderful course. I emailed Laurie my questions and this gave me time to really go deeper with the material.  The Smile Across Your Heart Course is on the top of list of what I love doing! This course should be a requirement in college! Thanks Laurie!

“The Smile Across Your Heart Course helped me to forgive and process my feelings. I found it very helpful to work through my emotions and bring myself back to my inner light and power. For the first time in over a decade I feel at peace! The visualization techniques helped me become happier being alone. The course was healing, powerful and peaceful.”

“Laurie, you have a gift! You made us realize we are valuable individuals. This is an excellent course! Through this course, I have found peace and my personal power. This course has helped me overcome fear, sadness, adjust to being alone, helped me build confidence and realize that I’m a good person. It’s a must do!”

“The Smile Across Your Heart Course gave me new approaches to achieving happiness, acceptance and love. It provided tools and techniques to process emotions and connect to my true essence and the Divine. I learned not to allow people or circumstances to take away my power and lessen my unconditional love! I am very grateful for all Laurie has done and sharing her experiences with the group! Thank goodness for this course and teachings!”

The seminar was enlightening! It has inspired me to do soul searching- to seek a new path for the remainder of my life. I have attended only a few seminars but this was my favorite. I felt Laurie was very sincere and courageous in how she deals with people while being sensitive at the same time

Positive info and good tools for home, life and job change. Great instructor, energy and heart!

Thank you! Great energy and connection within the group, you went above and beyond with additional exercises. Very reinforcing and fun!

Your workshop was amazing, awesome and inspiring. I actually cried tears of joy in my car when I left and thanked God for putting such a positive, passionate, motivational human on this planet. It was all with heart plus humor and so deeply true, honest and inspiring.

The workshop was a wonderful reminder of the power of attitude, of repeating positive, uplifting thoughts and activities, the wonder of giving. You yourself are a light, your energy says more than your words- which are beautiful.

Your workshop was inspiring and full of positive energy!

Very good life strategies with a much more personl touch to learning than other seminars.

Getting more positive energy like this into my life is a big benefit

Laurie has helped me fall in love with my life again – one step at a time! I am a different person since Laurie came into my life! Thank you!

We obtained so much from your presentation. You are a beautiful spirit who truly wants to help others realize how wonderful of a spirit they are as well. Your workshop was a lot more personal than others. You were not preaching that you knew all the answers, nor were you trying to sell us on anything, including your services. I admire you and aspire to help others in the future just as you have helped us.

Thank you for sharing so generously- your life, your love, your wisdom and all of your tools! Your workshop took people deep inside where all the answers can be found!

I learned new ways to visualize successful outcomes, release negative emotions, and see & appreciate the positive aspects of my life.

Laurie is a gifted, compassionate role model and is someone who whole heartedly practices what she preaches AND if we all did what she preached this world would undeniably be a better place. She is a leader and true inspiration by her thoughts and actions on this plane.

I benefited immensely from this workshop!! I have taken another step forward in my healthy relationship with myself. Laurie is a master of her craft- the building of self love. She is a walking, smiling, vibrant example of what she teaches- a most special person!!

Your workshop was a good cross section of ideas on self-love and self-care. I would attend your workshops frequently but I’m just here visiting.

Your workshop opened my mind to new possibilities. It made me aware of the humor in life.

Thank you so much for everything! You have guided me to be a better, happy, smiling beautiful woman. You have encouraged me to reach towards the sky will all my inner energy without limits and surround myself with beautiful music. I feel as if I deserve the best of this life with a positive attitude. I know I can paint the sky with my own colors and words. Thank you for sharing your magic with me

After many years of self discovery, my wife and I came across Laurie Martin and decided to take her telephone class “Manifesting Skills”. Laurie brought together many enlightening concepts in a relaxing way touching on universal truths that we seem to forget during our busy days. The professional, yet gentle way she delivers these messages reminds us that we are spiritual beings that have the ability to manifest our future by living in the moment. Her methods are easy to keep in mind and with some practice I’m sure our future will be much brighter.. We look forward to more classes

Laurie has the gift of making others smile across their heart through her unbridled passion.

I LOVE your teaching and book. I really can’t put into words how much I greatly appreciate you, your warmth, your humor, your ability to put complex thoughts and ideas into such clear and useable everyday language and your wonderful teaching- really life changing.

Laurie, thank you so very much for your dynamic talk for the Commercial Real Estate Woman group. I have to say that it made my perspective on my weekend entirely different�which I would call rather profound. Anyway, I know that everyone was pleased with your talk! I can�t wait to start reading your book, I KNOW that I will enjoy it

Laurie Martin helped make our first fund raiser a success!! She is an articulate speaker with just the right amount of pizzazz to keep her audience enthralled. We had a 100 women at the Empowering Woman’s luncheon, they all enjoyed her. Her book, which I just started reading, is excellent. We have asked her to speak at our next fund raiser

Laurie, your program at the Empowering Women Luncheon was perfect. Helping women set limits and encouraging self love is a wonderful gift. Providing real life examples were so effective and helpful to all of us in the audience. Your manner of delivery made each person feel special as well. Your Life Coaching Skills are outstanding. Thank you for sharing your gift of self love and your very meaningful book, Smile Across Your Heart. In Appreciation!

You offer many positive insights such as give ourselves emotionally what we need- unconditional love.

Excellent presentation! I benefited by learning to focus on my own reactions, concentrate on the positive and how to take responsibility for my own reactions to others people’s behavior.

The most memorable thing to me is Laurie’s honesty and ability to think on her feet.

I learned techniques to live more lightly. What was most memorable was, “When I’m not at peace, it’s from a need..” and not to react so quickly.

Laurie is so special sharing many impactful ways to help improve my life.

Laurie Martin is the MOST inspirational person that I know in my entire life!

A sincere appreciation for the Outstanding Presentation for my Professional Communication class on Monday, October 31, 2011. My students thought very highly of your knowledge, experience and wisdom! Thank you very much!

Laurie, your empowerment presentation at the Diamond Girls conference was fantastic! You are a diamond woman!!!! The students were captivated listening to your vibrant stories and wisdom. One of the students is including you in her paper on one of the most inspiring people and another student is interested in you being their mentor. As a speaker, your heartfelt passion, genuine love and ability to reach people through your honest and forthright communication style shines bright! We are grateful to you and are looking forward to having you come back as well as your participation on our advisory board.