Language of the Heart: Unconditional Love, Living Fully Empowered

This interactive practical book is a road map for how to live in unconditional love and full empowerment. It provides step-by-step information, what it means to unconditionally love yourself, to become fully empowered, and how to go about it. Many of us were not taught how to love unconditionally, how to untangle the attachments and how to remove obstacles that keep us from being our own best friend. We were taught to get our love and validation from outside of us. This book gives you the tools for you to empower yourself, lift yourself out of the old fear-based mentality of suffering and judgment and transports you into a new reality of acceptance, unconditional love, compassion, trust and inner peace.




Language of the Heart: Unconditional Love provides you with higher-vibrational language, perspectives that honor your innate sovereignty, and processes to transmute your fears and expand into lighter and more loving energies. Get ready to live in a way that acknowledges you as a powerful, infinite, whole, beautiful, radiant being that deserves joy, inner peace, and happiness.

Language of the Heart: Unconditional Love empowers you to . . .

• create a reality that is aligned with unconditional love, full acceptance and personal integrity;
• upgrade communication skills to engage in peaceful and successful dialogues with others and oneself;
• build confidence and personal empowerment and live life centered in higher-vibrational levels of love, joy and happiness;
• awaken to the reality of infinite possibilities and higher perspectives, and live life more lightly, with more freedom and an abundant heart;
• enhance intuition and trust in one self;
• live with courage, powerfully and authentically.

This book answers the questions: “How do we become fully empowered?” “What does it look like to live in love versus fear?” “What are the unconditional love programs?” “Who are we?” “How do we process our emotions and get into a state of inner peace?” “How do we communicate better in our relationships and during conflict?” “How do we learn how to fully value ourselves?” “How do we create a love based existence?”

Paperback: 190 pages.

Chapter Titles:

1. Unconditional Love for Self: Our Most Natural State

2. Observing Attachments and Processing Emotions

3. Unconditional Acceptance and Forgiveness: No More Judgment

4. Evolving and Expanding Your Awareness Rapidly

5. Effective Communication Skills

6. Stepping into Your Sovereignty: The Authentic You


My journey of self-growth has involved not just one specific technique for each occurrence of getting back to inner peace. Rather, it has been an amalgamation of information that I was ready to awaken to, which was directly aligned with who I was at the time. Each of us draws the exact information to us that we are meant to have, precisely when we need it, and it happens through our own intention. A res- onance with something or someone is about a vibrational match. You may notice that you have been drawn to spe- cific wisdom from someone, or a specific tool, and as you evolved you were drawn to new information and new tools that worked for you in that moment. As we evolve so do our tools.

A major theme of mine in the past has been to deepen my trust in all areas of my life: trust in my intuitive abili- ties, my manifesting abilities, myself as a sovereign being, my ability to bring my body and mind into balance—and my trust that all is well. I have learned so much during this time! In this book, I have included tools that I’ve learned from others along my life’s journey, as well as stories, my own insights, and many tools I discovered during my own self-healing. The tools help us process our emotions. It’s not about just focusing on positive thoughts and language. Imagine a garbage can filled to the rim with junk food. The junk food represents your subconscious mind, which stores your past hurts, disappointments, attachments, fears, anger, worries, and your beliefs. The subconscious mind is similar to a tape recorder. It records every thought, belief, and perceived experience and creates programs in the body. The healthy food represents the affirmations. Now imagine someone trying to shove healthy food into an already full garbage bin. There’s no room, because the garbage is still there. It’s the same with our emotions. We need to process our hurts, anger, disappointments, fears, and jealousies. We can’t ignore them. They have a specific energetic vibration. The energy vibration of fear, anger, suffering, hatred and anxiety emit a much different vibrational output than those emotions of love, joy, and gratitude. As a result, they attract a different frequency, hence outcome. Electromagnetic energy fields surround all living organisms. These energy fields are inside and outside of us. This means that on the microscopic level, every system, organ, tissue, cell, and mol- ecule of the human body has its own field of electromag- netic vibrational energy. This subtle energy system is in the infrastructure of all of us. Everything is energy exchange. This is why it is so important to spend time daily to process our emotions.

A technique that I highly recommend is meridian tap- ping, which helps harmonize the body. By tapping on spe- cific acupuncture points and using specific language, you can bring the body back to a balanced state. You can research meridian tapping on the Internet. There are sev- eral different methods.
At the end of chapter 2, I include an exercise called “Processing Your Emotions,” which you can use daily. Processing your worries, fears, and sadness is an action of self-love. You have the power to interrupt your negative pat- terning and train your brain and body to think differently. You have the power to draw your energy back to love and trust. You have the power to direct your life in a way that is aligned with your highest good. In other words, you have the power to create your own reality. Trust your emotions and your intu- ition. They are guiding you. You are being guided, and love is calling you!

Throughout this book, I use the term “the Divine.” Please feel free to replace it with whatever word resonates best for you in conveying pure and complete positive vibration and the source of unconditional love.

Each of us has chosen specific aspects to learn and expe- rience here during our life on earth. From my late twenties on, this was the beginning of my awareness of my life theme of learning about self-love and empowerment. I had three radical changes at one time: my boyfriend and I broke up, my grandfather passed away, and I was fired from a job. Feeling like a failure, lost, alone, and rejected, I picked up my first self-help book. My thirst for spiritual knowledge began from this point. I can even remember looking at a quiz in a maga- zine, titled “How spiritual are you?” I didn’t even know what that meant. I became fascinated with such questions as why are we here on earth? Is there life somewhere else? Who am I?

I read every book I could find on near-death experi- ences because I was intrigued with what heaven was like, and wanted to make sense of all the loving messages that reso- nated with me. I attended numerous inspirational, spiritual, healing, and motivational workshops.

The more we take responsibility for our energy, the more we awaken. I’ve come to understand that it’s never about blaming someone outside myself for my strong emotions. I love getting to the awareness of discovering just what belief, attachment, insecurity, or fear is not in congruence with my full empowerment. What, exactly, is behind the emotion that got triggered in me? In many of these major discoveries, I have strengthened my sense of self. And I am impassioned to pass on my wisdom and knowledge for others to help themselves. And my intention is for you to feel your own love, greatness, and divinity!

If you are reading this book, then you’re interested in expanding and integrating into more of your own light. We are claiming our sovereignty and walking back to our remembrance of who we are: divine, infinite, radiant, power- ful beings. As energetic beings, we are connected to the one- ness of everything. You are much more powerful than you believe. You are very much needed in the entire orchestra- tion of the cosmos. I believe that before each of us became a human being, a singular construct, we were spirits of light and consciousness having experiences in other dimensions, with full memory of our beautiful, divine selves. Now we are evolving back to this remembrance here on earth. And the path I have learned is through love. The path to self-love is ongoing. At times, we think we have learned something, and then we find that “here we are again.”

Relationships with others help us see how we play the game of life. People on a path of personal growth are identi- fying their emotional attachment and inner charge, observ- ing their behavior, moving out of the blame game and taking responsibility. As you continue reading, enjoy the language of your own heart. Language of the Heart: Unconditional Love is infused with the intention that you feel uplifted and inspired while reading it. May it be a spark that touches your soul, walks you into your heart and helps set you free!

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“I LOVE your book! It is so positive, encouraging, open and honest. I really appreciate you sharing your story and your gifts! I really like how easy it is to read and understand. I like how you give examples from your life and how easy it is to relate to different scenarios. Thank you!!! Tracey Barry, March 2016

“Laurie Martin delivers a powerful book that not only improves your communication skills, it changes the way you interact with yourself and others from the standpoint of divinity, love, confidence, and peace. The skills you will gain from reading this book are priceless. Language of the Heart: Unconditional Love is unconditional in itself by offering a genuine read into Laurie’s life and it serves as the catalyst we all need in order to look into our own life. It’s a must read for people of all ages, demographics, and backgrounds.” –David Mezzapelle, bestselling author of the Contagious Optimism book series

“I love this book! It taught me how to live outside the box. As I read it, my whole vibration changed, it’s so empowering. It gave me a deeper understanding about unconditional love and provided helpful uplifting perspectives to manage my thoughts, emotions and beliefs. I really appreciate the effective communication skills, and numerous exercises and visualization techniques. I highly recommend it!”
Carol Natalotto, Owner of CEL Management Pty Ltd

“The more I read Language of the Heart: Unconditional Love, I felt a weight lift off of my shoulders. All of my worries and attachments started making sense and I didn’t see them as burdens any longer. I saw them as an opportunity to grow, accept and love myself more. Laurie’s writing style makes the concepts easy to relate to and understand!” Astrid Martinez WBTV/CBS Reporter/Anchor

“The mind and emotion can dictate your entire health, and Laurie Martin does a fantastic job of teaching how to heal on the deeper emotional levels.” Dr. Lindsay Thomas, Chiropractor Review:
5 Stars
“I absolutely love the book”
By ania gavrielov on August 9, 2014
Format: Paperback
“I absolutely love the book!!!Laurie shares plenty of great ideas and exercises on how to change one’s life and find self-esteem and self love.Through helpful guidance the book shows you how you can find the place within yourself that is pure love and acceptance.”

5 Stars
“If you are looking for connection to your true self and life purpose, you will love this book as much as I did. The author shares wisdom, guidance and techniques that will lift your spirits and fill your soul. It is well written, and the exercises are so easy, yet powerful.” Andrea Chervenak

“This is the information I have been searching for awhile now. I just finished reading, Laurie Martin’s book, Language of the Heart: Unconditional Love and did a coaching session with her. I loved it. I am very grateful for her wisdom and experience teaching people how to take responsibility for their life and learn healthier ways to process painful emotions and situations and how to live fully empowered in the present. She gives practical insights and exercises to change your beliefs and behavior. I’m looking forward to a calmer, more secure, and satisfying future. Thank you, Laurie!” R. Powell