Laurie Martin is a teacher of self-love and personal empowerment. She is passionate about bringing forth information, wisdom and tools to help others live authentically, powerfully, joyfully and vibrantly in all ways.

Laurie transitioned out of her corporate role as a vice president of events to follow her heart. For thirteen years, Laurie has been providing information and tools for others to empower and inspire themselves. She is a speaker, certified life coach, certified yoga instructor, and the published author of Smile Across Your Heart: The Process of Building Self-Love an e-book called The Conscious Breakup Guide: Navigating Through the End of Your Relationship and Language of the Heart: Unconditional Love. Laurie writes a monthly “Ask Laurie” advice column called “Heart to Heart” for the Naples Daily News.

As of 2016, all three of Laurie’s classes and Course has been APPROVED by the Florida Department of Nursing and Florida Department of Nursing Assistants. All nurses and nursing assistants earn continuing education units for attending.

The concept of personal empowerment and healthy vibrant living covers all areas of our being: healthy exercise and movement to keep the body strong, organic healthy nutrition, fueling the mind with inspiration, empowerment and interesting stimulation, healthy resonate relationships, connection with our spirit and community, processing our emotions and living in integrity in all ways.

Laurie’s intention is for others to feel their own love, greatness, and divinity!

You have blessed my life! You helped me believe in my own abilities and overcome fears.
 God sent me to your class to understand that LOVE exists and begins in me. And, now, I get rid of my mask of perfection and can be a joyful, happy, free, lovely child. No worries, no limits, living and enjoying one day at the time. Embracing the unexpected.
Letting go of the past and giving myself unconditional love. Thank you Laurie for your articles, words, posts, energy, and classes!”  Claudia