Private Meditation Consultation

Laurie Martin offers guided personal meditations as private consultations through zoom or on the phone that can be recorded. Each session is customized towards the needs of each client.

  • Online Private Meditation-Visualization


    Private Stress Release Sessions Through Zoom:

    During the sessions, Laurie guides her clients to discover the main things that are draining their energy, process emotions, heal disappointments and connect with more empowering ways to live. During a relaxed state, we breathe, and observe the emotions and perceptions that are causing stress. Laurie offers tools and techniques to process emotions, feel more empowered and open to expanded positive views in order to feel peaceful. This is not talk therapy. Laurie’s expertise is helping others relax, de-stress, tap into inner peace, feel more empowered, unwind from limited beliefs and thoughts, process fears, increase self-love and connection and she provides many tools to practice. But, you have to want to let go, and open to new beautiful possibilities and narratives, with unconditional love and allow yourself to relax and heal. 🙂 We can go through challenges without judgment, with love and acceptance.

    The clients goals and intentions set the tone for each session. Laurie may  include EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique in these sessions. During EFT, we are tapping on acupuncture points to identify what is there,  using verbal communication to release, clear and remove fears, anxieties, worries, concerns in order to get into a more peaceful state.

    This thirty minute Meditation, EFT,  Visualization is a combination of breathing exercises designed for the clients to have an experience of relaxation, healing through particular issues and empowerment. The intention is to feel relaxed, inner peace, to release unwanted stress, transmute fears and learn relaxation and stress processing tools and techniques to use in every-day life.

    Client Review:

    “Meditating with Laurie opened the door for healing after going through a challenging period of my life. She has got an incredible intuition and a healing, soothing voice. The sessions are personalized and they address the most pressing issue that comes up at the time, offering support and coaching to process them and move on.  During the sessions, I feel that Laurie and I are a team, working together towards my goals. After each session, I feel more and more relief and hope. The best part is that you can choose to get the recording of your personalized session and repeat it if you feel it’s the case.” Anca, November 2020

    “It was all wonderful. A great relaxation and to accept and receive self love. Showed me ways to acknowledge and release stress, worry, anxiety and to accept love, peace and positive energy. A  great way to see/recognize areas in your body where you may hold negative energy and ways to release that and replace it with positive energy.”

    “The Guided meditation and visualizations brought lots of emotions and even smells. It helped me refocus to myself and giving myself the time to relax.”

    “Laurie has such a gift, she has the most healing voice. Meditations with her feels really safe and not judged and always puts me in a good mood.” Sandi, 2022

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    The sessions are done through Zoom or Phone. Cost: $90.00 for a thirty-minute private Stress Release session or $500.00 for six, thirty minute sessions.  To schedule your session(s), you can pay here through PayPal, Mastercard, or American Express. 

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