Yoga In-Person with Laurie Martin

Currently, all Laurie Martin’s yoga classes are being offered as ONLINE gentle classes. Please visit the ONLINE yoga information: Online Yoga

Laurie Martin received her yoga certification in 2002, where she completed her 200 hours through the At One Yoga Studio teacher training program in Scottsdale, AZ. Laurie has over 50,000 hours teaching yoga.

Private Yoga Sessions are available upon request as well as Laurie’s two yoga video’s are available for purchase.



I have seen so many wonderful transformations in people and it is my pure joy to share the practice of yoga with others. If we are present, there is a transformation that takes place in yoga, an inner peace and calm. It clears the cobwebs. On the physical side, a regular yoga practice does build strength, flexibility and helps with balance, and it also helps keep the body healthy and happy.

Reviews from Yoga Students:

“Laurie Martin is an amazing yoga teacher! My husband and I have participated in all types of fitness classes for many years. A few years ago, other members kept telling us about the wonderful yoga classes taught by Laurie. We explained that we had tried yoga at other gyms in the past, and really didn’t like it. They kept encouraging us to try Laurie’s classes and assured us that we would get “hooked” just like they are. We didn’t think we would, but here we are several years later loving Laurie’s classes and attending when we can, which is usually twice a week. If our schedules allowed, we would go more often. As a testament to what a great instructor Laurie is, her classes are larger than any of the other many classes available at NFF. During “season” in Naples, it is hard to find a space in a very large room when she is teaching. There are usually more than 40 people in her class. Many of her students have followed Laurie for years to various venues. Also, a number of Laurie’s students belong to NFF ONLY to attend her classes. They pay the monthly membership and do not go to any other classes and do not use the gym for anything but Laurie’s yoga classes. Laurie’s love and knowledge of yoga are obvious from the minute you walk in the room. She has a gift to be able cater to both beginners and advanced students of all ages at the same time. She makes everyone feel comfortable with their own unique bodies and abilities. And, of course, she is always prepared, on time, and brimming with love and enthusiasm. We have benefited in so many ways, both physically and mentally, from going to Laurie’s yoga classes. Thanks to Laurie, we are getting stronger and more flexible. More importantly, we always leave her classes feeling good about ourselves and filled with the joy she imparts. She is a very special person who does so much for so many. We are blessed to know her.” Nancy (and Dick) Peake

“Laurie is an outstanding Yoga instructor. She is quick to welcome participants of all levels and encourages everyone to accept and honor their bodies and their individual level of performance. At the same time she offers insights into proper Yoga practices and demonstrates the proper way to do each pose. She stresses that Yoga is not competitive but rather a way to appreciate and honor your body.
Embedded in each class is an intention, a goal that Laurie asks us to focus on. The intention might be self acceptance, worthiness or creating inner peace. She encourages us to stay in the present moment, and cultivate an attitude of gratitude and joy. She brings that goal full circle during meditation in Savasana, our final resting pose. Her students leave relaxed, refreshed and able to focus on the worthy aspects of life. I have been attending Laurie’s classes twice a week for two years. I have grown stronger both physically and mentally and am very grateful for the gift Laurie has added to my life through her Yoga classes.” Donna Conrad

“For the past several months, I have been attending Laurie’s yoga classes. As a physical therapist, I often find it challenging to attend classes because I can’t avoid critiquing the instructor’s knowledge of anatomy and execution of exercises. I am thrilled that this not not the case with Laurie! She combines an obvious strong understanding of biomechanics with the yoga tenets of awareness and self-regulation. The pacing of her verbal cues and precise layman’s phrasing to achieve alignment and activate appropriate muscle groups are consistently on point. Despite my poor execution, I can appreciate the goal of each pose. She seamlessly threads higher consciousness inspiration with her tone and intentions that can easily be personalized. As someone who has difficulty putting myself first, I truly appreciate all Laurie offers in her classes from a physical and mental perspective.” Jodi Gootkin

“Laurie: I want to take a moment to thank you for the yoga classes I have attended for the past three years. What has impressed me the most about your instruction is the extensive dedication you have shown me during this period of time. As a former professor in a community college setting, I am well aware of excellent instruction and professional commitment. When I first attended your class, I was not sure I would “fit in” as a male, but I quickly learned that you treat all your students with a high degree of respect and understanding.” John Papandrea Ed.D.

“I have been taking your classes now for over five years and have thoroughly enjoyed them. As I get older there is one constant in what the doctors have told me to do for my health – and that is S T R E T C H. And when I mention yoga, they are always positive about that. I love that you never pressure us but rather tell us to listen to our body, not compare ourselves to anyone else and never push it. I have had a series of ailments over the years and have adjusted to address those issues. Yoga continues to provide me with basic relaxation, stretching and strengthening of my body. I am much healthier for attending your classes a couple of times a week over the years.” Mary Kay Eschbach


Testimonial: “This is the best DVD! I enjoy it very much! I do Laurie’s class on Saturdays also and just love her! One of the best! I highly recommend her DVD!!” Terri Gleason

“My name is Cathy Smith and I am 56 years old. I have enjoyed Laurie’s yoga classes for 4 years now. What I particularly like about Laurie’s class is her teaching and instructing manner. Everyone benefits from her class from a beginner student learning the poses to a more experienced student improving their practice. No need to worry about safety or any injuries you may have, Laurie explains the poses and the modifications for certain poses so that everyone can participate, learn and enjoy their practice wherever their level my be. Laurie is one of the people I can truly say I have enjoyed meeting in this lifetime. I look forward to safe and fun class every week! Thank you Laurie!” Cathy Smith, September, 2015

“I always look forward to Laurie’s yoga class and come out feeling refreshed, relaxed and an uplifted heart and spirit!” Doreen Wilson, August 2015

“I did ten private yoga sessions with Laurie and I have never felt this good as an adult. I’m over sixty years old and for the first time my body is doing things I haven’t done since my thirties. Yoga with Laurie changed my life. I’m now a regular student.”
Nancy Wiadro, 2006

“Dear Laurie! I am in your class Saturdays morning at the A.C.N and your Yoga classes are AWESOME!!!! I am sorry I had to miss your class this Saturday, but I hope I can make it next Saturday. Thanks for being such a GREAT teacher.”
Ivanna, 3/2007

“I started attending yoga classes about 18 months ago on the advice of my doctor. I had injured some ligaments in my shoulder and the doctor felt that some gentle stretching would help me to gain back the flexibility in my arm and shoulder. After 18 months of yoga, under Laurie’s guidance, I have a full range of motion with my arm. I also have had the priviledge of studying meditation with Laurie for the past 16 weeks. Laurie’s sense of humor and her knowledge of yoga and meditation make her an excellent instructor.”
Lori Froelich