The Conscious Breakup Guide


Your personal navigational system through your heart break.

I created this guide to help others navigate through heartbreak and end suffering. If you’re ending a relationship and asking questions like: “How will I heal from this breakup?” “How do I get over him or her?” or “How can I keep my heart open and trust again?” The Conscious Breakup Guide is for you. This powerful, fifty- four page guide is a support for anyone considering ending a relationship or experiencing loss whether it’s romantic, friendship, family or work. It’s filled with impactful information and tools gleaned from my ten years of presenting workshops, individual coaching and my own experiences.


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My intent for this guide is help soothe your soul, connect you to your inner strength, trust your insights and intuition, and process your emotions, and give you impactful tools, exercises, stories and information that assists you. May you heal and open to an empowered perspective and grounded in peace!
From my heart to yours! Laurie Martin

I share my stories during heart-break and many supporting exercises, focused intentions, thought provoking questions and six visualizations. This guide helps you connect with your inner strength, trust your insight and intuition and process your emotions. The guide helps you make sense of things, and reminds you that you are never alone! The first step is to make the choice to heal!

This guide helps you:
  • Heal from heart break
  • Refocus from blame to understanding
  • Foster what you are meant to learn from the relationship
  • Discover what is needed to be healed within you
  • Release your anger, hurt, rejection and disappointment slowly moving to acceptance
  • Awaken to an empowered perspective
  • Trust yourself, life and move forward

Excerpt: “A yoga student of mine shared with me that after her split from her husband she was in denial. She said she had an attitude of “I’m fine, I can do this by myself” and “I’m strong.” She threw herself into her work and didn’t take anytime to examine her heart. She had three kids and she was in survival mode. It wasn’t until two years following her split that she realized her heart was broken. That was the beginning of her healing process. We have all witnessed people splitting up and jumping right into another relationship without allowing time to process the previous one. When that occurs, the person may miss the opportunity to learn from the experience and most likely the cycle will repeat with the next person.”

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Reviews Review:
5 stars: A book that gives comfort, strength, peace and hope.
By Susan
“This book has helped me tremendously during the breakup of my marriage. Being the one that instigated the divorce, I was left with feelings of sadness, guilt and loneliness. Laurie Martin’s book helped me to remain true to myself and remain strong during this process. Her wisdom and insight have helped me keep things in perspective and helped me keep my head on straight during a very emotional and somewhat confusing time. I highly recommend this book to anyone experiencing a breakup!”