Online Gentle Yoga Class with Laurie Martin – Sunday, TBA


This online yoga class is done through video on your computer and is available Internationally. The gentle class is geared toward all levels- from the beginner to the experienced student. Also, my entire website is secure and encrypted.




Sundays classes begin at 9:00 am, EST.
Registration closes 8:30 am, EST.

The cost is $10.00 per person, even in the same home.

The class consists of: focusing on breathing and stretching into the poses to your own comfort level; holding standing poses in proper alignment while building strength; practicing fun balancing poses, and a very relaxing resting pose. Laurie encourages students to bring a loving and self-nurturing presence to the mat and to modify any pose as necessary to always be comfortable.

• Increase flexibility
• Improve balance and coordination
• Release Stress
• Increase muscle tone

Once you are paid, you will receive an email with the link.



“Thank for such a unique gentle yoga class experience. I enjoyed it very much and will join in when I can.” Denise

“Love your yoga class, you créate a wonderful, loving energetic environment in your online classes.”

“Wow the yoga video class was cool, thank you so much Laurie! Your energy is great, love it, really, and my body also loves it. Thanks for allowing me to connect to my body through your class. You are really gifted, and very clever emotionally.” Celia 

“Laurie’s class had a very nice flow… within my capabilities.  Great way to start my day!”  Matt