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Business Coaching:
Laurie Martin is an active credited life coach for nineteen years. She focuses on the clients needs, specializing in assisting individuals and groups to work together creating respectful relationships with congruent intentions. Her guidance and tools help others expand their perspectives, clear away limited thinking, get into mind and heart space of solutions and infinite potential, improve communication with colleagues, receive clarity and direction and improve listening skills and achieve agreed upon goals. And, most importantly Laurie helps create a more peaceful and harmonious environment. Coaching is done over the phone, zoom or FaceTime.

Life Coaching: Laurie excels at helping individual’s access and clarify their truth, desires, passions and tap into inspiration and personal empowerment and self-love techniques. Laurie’s work is focused on moving from fear, worries, anxiousness to love, trust, inner peace, empowerment and healthy living. As an empath, Laurie is able to feel into the energy behind the words to assist clients with clarity, guidance, and connect with one’s pure essence and highest path.

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Interactive, Supportive Coaching Model

During each session, to achieve your goals, each client receives individualized and interactive tools, techniques and daily practices. These empowering practices consist of mindfulness exercises, intentional exercises, positive affirming cognitive exercises, powerful visualizations, contemplative observations and tools and processes to manage anxiousness, fears and other limiting emotions, perceptions and beliefs. We work on solutions and getting into a space of infinite potential.

Your benefits of a coaching experience:

  • Take action steps to increase inner peace, trust in self and intuition and self-love;
  • Be supported during challenging times, learn ways to manage your emotions, process your fears and experience positive break-throughs;
  • Design an action plan using positive language, powerful intentions, empowered perceptions to create a peaceful life from the inside out;
  • Process painful emotions and live with a sense of freedom;
  • Improve your communication techniques to enhance relationships and have clear and uncluttered energy;
  • Get into the mind and heart space of solutions and infinite potential;
  • Get unstuck, receive clarity and move towards your dreams, passions and desires.

Laurie Martin has been a certified life coach for nineteen years. She respects each clients privacy. All names and information is held in confidence.

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(1) One Hour Life Coaching $125.00, (2) Package of three Sessions $300.00


“Laurie Martin does some amazing work with those who are in serious life transitions. She was one of the people who helped me see another path when almost no one else could. It changed the course of my life completely.” Gail G. August, 2017

“Thank you for helping me Laurie! It was a great session, and I feel better already!” Coaching Client, July 2016

“Your coaching has really helped me through a challenging time. I was a little lost and I needed a guardian angel. Your presence and voice is very calming too. You are a remarkable woman, bless you! I really appreciate your help. You are the real deal, I can see you on Oprah!” Bob Heffernan, April 2016

“Thank you so much for helping me sort out my feelings and perception during my conflict with my husband! I appreciate your guidance helping me learn what it best for me express, and how to have a dialogue with my husband during this fight. It worked!! It helped me stay focused, not place blame on him or get too emotional. He listened and showed empathy and actually said he was sorry. We are doing great. I even shared your communication techniques with friends!” Christina, Coaching Client, 5/2013

“Laurie, as you say, “the power lies in us”. You have been the only person to demonstrate that it’s attainable with realistic effort. I love the fact that all you sell is helping others see how amazing they are!”
Shannon, Coaching Client, 9/2012

“Laurie Martin is one of the most amazing and inspiring woman who ever touched my soul. She helped me through one of the most difficult times in my life. Not only did she guide me to find the strength and courage to fight, and to overcome my battle, but consistently lifted my spirits and gave me hope. To Laurie, I will forever be grateful.” Jane Doyle, Coaching Client

“Laurie, even though it was over seven years ago, I can still remember things you said that I held very close to my heart. Your determination for me to connect to my higher wisdom and heart was the impetus that gave me courage to leave my husband and trust my new life ahead. I had so much fear, and you said to me “Life will always be filled with the unknown. You have so much to look forward to.” Two years later after the divorce, I married the man of my dreams and have two beautiful babies. You were right! I had so much to look forward to. I will always be grateful to you!” Maribel, Coaching Client