Do you prove to yourself that you are lovable?

Laurie Martin Smile Across Your Heart

I caught myself telling myself that a particular person doesn’t like me and my mind was proving it to me, “they didn’t say happy birthday, they don’t post on my wall.” And, then I stopped and said, “Would I point out to my best friends the people that don’t like them and all the reasons why? And, of course I would NEVER!

So, if we are being our own best friend why would we point out on a regular basis all of the people who don’t like us especially if we don’t even know if it’s true? Why are we trying to prove we are unlovable instead of lovable?

Let’s turn this around! We are lovable for just being us- beautiful, divine, fully empowered amazing beings. YOU are a deserving “love being” right now. If we KNEW this, we rest in this knowing and support ourselves with loving thoughts such as, “I’m always directed for my highest good, I appreciate and love that I’m ___________________ (fill in the blank), people love me, the universe loves me.” And, eventually we won’t even have to consciously choose positive life affirming thoughts. We will just “BE” without having to prove, confirm or a need to be recognized.

Today, be your best friend. Prove you are LOVABLE. Identify all of the ways love shows up in your life. Focus on every minute supportive thing that occurs.Say to yourself only the things you would say out loud to your best friend.  May you feel a wave of unconditional love inside your heart and make that your priority, YOU and your magnificence.