Visualization: I AM pure potential


Lie down and make yourself comfortable. Close your eyes, relax and rest. Feel your breath coming in and out of your nose. Set your intention: “I intend to feel my pure essence. I intend to feel oneness and to know who my divine self is here on earth. I invite in my higher self to help me with this quest.”

You are pure potential beyond your personality and small self that gets wrapped up in insecurities, self-doubt, confusion, in being liked and feeling unloved. You are your true I AM presence of oneness.

Say the words, “I am pure potential. I am connected to everything. I am oneness. I am an aspect of creator. I am bigger than my personality.

 Feel into this field of oneness, expansiveness, of non- judgment. Feel into the love, bliss, and field of potential.

 Continue to say, “I intend to stay in this field of pure potential, pure love, pure connection, pure acceptance and non- judgment. I am oneness with everything. It feels like bliss. It feels expansive and peaceful.”

Now imagine taking this wonderful feeling of pure potential into every molecule in your being, into every cell of your being, into all systems in your body, into your physical body, into your mental body, into your spiritual body, into your emotional body, into your etheric body and into your full consciousness.

Say, “This is who I AM, love, light, joy, pure potential, a radiant magnificent aspect of creator source, and pure consciousness. I allow myself to stay in this feeling, in this knowing of who I truly am. I bathe in it. I AM it.”

Now, while you are in this space of pure potentiality, image your life exactly as if you were living in a way that resonates with your heart fully.

In love,

Laurie Martin

 If you enjoyed this meditation, there are many more to support your divine essence in my new book Language of the Heart: Unconditional Love, Living Fully Empowered. 

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