Her facebook page was hacked into from a thief in London. She was locked out of her own face book page. The thieves were able to type in a message on her facebook wall saying, “I NEED HELP FROM A GOOD FRIEND,” and then the thief began Instant Messaging anyone online with a well practiced story. Through Instant Messaging (IMing), the real person’s picture pops up with a typed message.

As you know, it’s not about the actual situation that occurs; it’s what’s behind the story and how we show up in life. To explore “why” this happened, and what it’s teaching me, I needed to go within and see what energy I was creating- what feelings and needs I was generating. What was this situation mirroring back to me? What was it showing me I had inside? How did I participate in creating this situation?

My mind was swirling back to that crucial split second moment —the moment I went from questioning her motives to deciding that I’m going to help her. I ask myself, “Why did I help her? Why did I give my money to help a stranger in need get home from London?”
I thought, “How can I turn away? She said she would pay me back. She doesn’t have anyone else, what if that was me? She said she was in shock and her hand hurt. I can’t ignore her, I have to be responsible, and she sounded so desperate and scared. I have to help her get on a flight home. My heart went out to her. “I have to walk my talk”. I told her I would not abandon her.

“Why”, I keep asking myself did I make that one second decision to believe this story? Why didn’t I turn away and say this could be a scam? Why was I so trusting? If I turned away, and something bad happened to her, I would have been devastated. Even if there was a small percentage of probability that this was true, could I take that risk?

For those of you that have been involved in any situation in which you were lied to, betrayed, deceived, controlled, manipulated, or taken advantage of, you understand the feelings I went through-I was mad at the thief, and then mad at myself for trusting.
This was a lesson for me to be clearer of my intentions and value my time/energy, and then the universe values it just the same. The universe responds to exactly what is inside of us—everything is energy.

After the police left my home, later that evening, I did use the technique EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique to release the trauma, fear, and anger from the experience as well as to forgive myself and forgive the thief. I sent blessings to the thieves, for love and healing to fill their hearts. I released this experience to the divine and I kept my heart open. This allowed me to define my life purpose and intentions in a way that was more empowering for me.

It’s as if the situation is holding up a mirror to us and saying, “This is where we are not respecting ourselves? Where we are ripping ourselves off? Where we are undervaluing ourselves?” These questions are the gifts the thief gave to me. Uncovering the answers to those questions, allows for healing, allows for me to declare to the universe through my intentions what is acceptable to me. Once we declare that authentically, the universe provides only that to us. If a person continues to blame the situation or person and stay in victim mode, they run the risk of being taken advantage of again, until the lesson is learned. You may know people that have been taken advantage of several times, and this is the reason.

Steps to take for processing challenges:

1. Decide that you will not allow someone else to take your light away from you anymore- you will not take on the title of victim. Decide that you will not live in fear. You are much more than this current or past challenge.
Say out loud, “I intend to be in my power and decipher why this situation occurred. I intend to see the gifts this situation brought to me. I intend to see how this situation was a mirror showing me where I do not value myself. I intend to learn from this and value myself. I will create healthy boundaries of what is acceptable to me. I live through life trusting with an open heart. I intend to be me and allow my light to shine. I choose to be healed from this challenge.”
Decide that you are going to make lemonade out of the lemons. You are not going to be the lemon, you are the lemonade!
2 Meditate: Sit or lie quietly and relax. “I ask and intend to connect with the frequency of creator source.” Visualize this frequency coming into you. “I ask and intend to create a sacred space.” Breathe and relax. Set your intention, “My intention is to seek the truth of why this occurred, what was my part in it?”
Allow yourself time to process your feelings. You may want to write them down, talk to a good friend or hire a reputable person like a psychologist, counselor or certified life coach.
3 When you are ready, sit quiet, go within and ask yourself questions, such as, what was I needing when that occurred? What were my intentions? How can I create healthier intentions?
4 Write out your new intentions on a piece of paper or in your journal.
5 How have I grown because of this challenge?
6 Who do I need to forgive? Have I fully accepted the challenge? Do I need to release feelings of shame or blame?
7 Try doing the energy technique called Emotional Freedom Technique. If you need help, I’m available for telephone coaching services to help you learn EFT and process the challenge.
8 Embrace and love all parts of you, and live fully in the moment. Say, “I love and embrace all parts of myself, I am proud of who I am today.”
9 Are you ready to be grateful for the challenge? Can you see how it may have helped you be stronger within yourself? Has it helped you open your heart? Connect with others? Go in a new direction? Do something you never thought you were capable of? Learn new information and help others?

“I ask and intend that unconditional love from creator source surround me and fill my heart and every cell in my body. I ask and intend that I’m protected. I ask and intend that this frequency of unconditional love fill every room in my home.”
I choose to live in a frequency of truth, peace, and love. I surround myself with loving and respectful people, customers, clients. I draw to me my heart’s desires. I trust. Thank you.

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