Living in a State of Change and Unknown

Due to the coronavirus, we are all faced with changes worldwide. Many of us are working from home, or currently not working in the same capacity or adjusting to new routines. We are also dealing with the massive fear and panic in the world as well and our own fear about money and health. And, many of us are also dealing with the sadness of family members being affected by the flu and other crazy things happening.

It’s definitely strange times. For our safety, we are spending time at home, staying away from the masses and our usual routines. Yet, we are still socially active on social media sites and the phone able to stay connected, and feeling more connected to others as we are all going through this together, collectively. There’s actually a heart-opening taking place too.

There is a larger scope at play here.

This virus is pretty much shutting down business as usual. This is allowing us time to shut down from the external noise and start listening to our inner voice, to our heart and to really hear what she or he is saying, especially all the ways in which we feel uncomfortable. Time to really “hear” our family and ourselves. How can we feel more empowered in our life? We are breaking the chains of the old beliefs systems and paradigm of how things should be and stepping into our true self. As things get quiet, things can rise up to be seen. We are awaking to many structures and “programs” in the world dismantling.

Society is awakening to the fact that the “worker” bee mentality is changing. Light bulb moment, we can work from home, and guess what, for many of us, it’s great and feels freer!

You may have noticed yourself really doing some de-cluttering and cleaning behind things we haven’t done in a very long time. This is part of “seeing” more than what we saw before and getting rid of what isn’t necessary: clutter, limitations, and creating a more harmonious, organized and simplified environment. Maybe we are doing projects that we wanted to get done. We are seeing more within ourselves, about ourselves and soon more will be exposed. It’s a big paradigm shift.

Due to the huge amount of fear in the world, it’s imperative as sensitive beings to be aware of the energies we are picking up on. We may start to fall into depression and wonder, “Why the heck am I here on earth?” If this happens, observe your depression. It may be someone else’s that you picked up, but regardless it’s what you are feeling, so you are responsible for raising your vibration. And, we chose to be here or quite frankly we wouldn’t be.

Many of us were taught that the busier we are the more valuable and important we are. And, if we are not doing much, we are lazy and not that valuable or worthy. We were taught these false programs or belief systems. Each of us is love incarnate. We are infinite and eternal love, joy and light beings. Being busy doesn’t make us more valuable. As love incarnate beings, we are meant to live empowered, joyfully doing things that we are passionate about and good at. You help society by just being your light and living authentically. The powers to be have controlled the masses for thousands of years and people are awakening to the herd mentality and stopping. We are in “pause”. Pause to just be. Pause to observe. Pause to be present and be still. The energy on the planet is resetting and recalibrating and so are we. So. we let go and trust.

My message is mainly about raising our vibration from panic and fear to feeling safe and empowered.

During this time, it may feel helpful to develop healthy, empowering and self-nurturing routine:

1.) Meditate: Find someone’s voice and vibration you resonate with and meditate daily or do your own practice.
2.) Practice being totally present, completely in the moment fully, moment by moment.
3.) Process any fears, anxiety or worries and ground in safety, inner peace, empowerment, unconditional love.
4.) Feed your body nutritious things.
5.) Consume vitamins and antioxidants to keep your immune system strong
6.) Disengage from negative or fear based conversations. Use boundaries with others if necessary.
7.) Don’t read fearful posts on social media.
8.) Don’t watch the news.
9.) Definitely walk in nature. If it’s cold where you live take a ten-minute walk all bundled up.
10. This is a good time to do crafts, write, projects, read, play with family, sing, dance, do a zoom class, and just use your natural gifted creativity.
10.) Practice using your intention to be high vibrational: “My intent is to be totally in the moment, breathe, relax my body and feel safe.”
11.) Observe your mind. How much complaining is your mind doing? How much of your day is in a state of frustration and disharmony? Just be aware and choose to accept that we are here together on earth going through this situation and this soon will pass.
12.) Let’s help others be at peace, feel empowered and safe too.

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Laurie Martin