You are more powerful than you think

We are always attracting into our life experiences, situations and different people. It is our emotional body that creates our experiences. This is why it’s so important to process our emotions daily. Spend a few minutes in quiet contemplation, breathing, relaxing with your eyes closed. Observe your angst, worries, fears, disappointments, anger, traumas, limited beliefs, blames, anxiousness, hate, and allow them to express. Be the witness, listen to the emotions and observe them. Breathe love, Source or God’s love around them, allowing them to dissolve, dispel and transmute into love, back into oneness. This is one way we can raise our vibration, by healing our hurt and becoming more complete and peaceful.

Now, let’s be diligent about attracting situations and experiences that are resonate with our highest vibration, not our lowest. With this intent, we attract new friends and situations that are our highest vibration or higher. Yes, we set that intent. Unconsciously, we attract others and situations that are aligned with our lowest vibration, our insecurities, our challenges, our dislikes and fears. And we bond through this vibration. But now we choose to align with people who are resonate to what we love, how we want to live, with our huge light, that see our beauty, that are empowering and supportive to our light. Does that make sense? (Yes, we may have relationships that feel dissonant, but we have choices here too. We can set our intent to have this relationship be very joyful and healthy and process our negative beliefs about this. And, we also can choose to not have relationships that are not healthy, or create boundaries.) Time to be very diligent and responsible with what we are emoting, how we react and our overall vibration. This is what we are offering the world, how we impact the earth, and others. The more we process our lowering vibrating emotions, the more we raise our vibration and feel powerful.