Online Lunch-Time Meditation/Visualization for Stress Release


Getting into balance when we are triggered.

Laurie Martin has been offering the Meditations/Visualizations and Stress Release Classed for three years now to staff at hospitals and teachers of Collier County. This class is approved by the Florida Department of Nursing. It is now being offered as an ONLINE CLASS TO THE PUBLIC.

Being offered TBD.

This thirty minute Meditation and Visualization is a combination of breathing exercises and self-nurturing meditations, guided visualizations, and individual sharing. It is designed for participants to have an experience of relaxation and empowerment. The intention is to feel relaxed, inner peace, to release unwanted stress, transmute fears and learn relaxation and stress processing tools and techniques to use in every-day life, especially now.

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Cost: $12.00 per person in your home.
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Getting into balance when we are triggered

The intention is to feel relaxed, empowered and to release unwanted stress, transmute fears and worries and learn relaxation and stress processing tools and techniques to use in every-day life, especially now.

This class offers an opportunity to take a moment to get out of our busy minds and learn different ways to listen to our heart, process emotions, connect with our body, and experience beautiful guided visualizations.

Laurie guides participants through mindful living techniques, stress releasing visualizations, lower vibrating emotion processing exercises and creative imagery. These processes help us step into the energy of possibility and solutions, and connect us with our heart and passions. She offers positive affirmations, and intentions that empower and raise our vibration. These exercises and processes can be used immediately for more peaceful and uplifting living.

What to expect?

  1. Mindful Living and managing the chatter mind techniques;
  2. Breathing and relaxation exercises and guided meditations;
  3. Inspiring stress-release and emotion processing visualizations and positive imagery.


  1. Increase focus, be more present and connect to goals
  2. Feel lighter, uplifted and inspired
  3. Gain insight and clear direction
  4. See a larger perspective
  5. Access peace and calm during stressful situations
  6. Being mindful while cultivating inspiring ideas
  7. Increase positive actions and let go of restrictions

The class is offered to the public, Company Management and employees, Nurses and staff, Collier County School Teachers and Staff, and to private individuals.

Additional information

Choose session options:

(1) $12 for one class per person, $70 for One-month unlimited online yoga between April 19 – May 17, $60.00


February 2020
“I liked everything about this class. We forget self-love, especially health care professionals.” NCH hospital employee


February 2020

“I think this class would be beneficial to everyone. I would certainly recommend it. I liked most the affirmation of self and feelings. To acknowledge my feelings and process them, and to allow myself the time to do so.” NCH hospital employee


February 2020

“I enjoyed most the breathing, visualization and will use these exercises in the future.” NCH hospital employee

February 2020
“It was very helpful and a great experience. My first time and it was awesome. I enjoyed the meditation time and all the exercises helping us to learn to heal ourselves, and be powerful when in different situations.” NCH hospital employee


February 2020

“Very informative, clear instruction with relaxation and meditation steps. The tapping exercise was very interesting as I had heard of this but never had it explained. This is a definite must to anyone looking for ways to become more at peace.”  I plan on using Laurie’s methods and suggestions to help with anxiety. Thank you!! NCH hospital employee


February 2020

“Tension was released, very empowering! I enjoyed being relaxed and learning how to be in touch with my feelings.” NCH hospital employee
February 2020
“I liked the best laying down, closing our eyes and repeating the empowering words Laurie said. The class took away my worries. I also like the group walking meditation.” NCH hospital employee
February 2020
“The class is a great stress reliever. I liked letting go, the visualization techniques, and the rocks exercise. I feel less stressed, also learned new ways to deal with stress and negativity.” NCH hospital employee
April 2019

“Worth every minute, totally relaxed me. Able to let go of unnecessary worries- focus on positive energy.” Collier County Teacher

April 2019

“I think everyone and anyone would benefit from taking the time to dig deeper into ourselves. Very relaxing and freeing.” Collier County Teacher

April 2019

“I would recommend it. I was totally able to block out the stress of the day.” Collier County Teacher

April 2019

“Well worth the time. A must do! By making time to be here- to think and thank my body for doing so much for me. I liked the different visualization techniques.” Collier County Teacher

April 2019

“This class is fabulous! I liked the ability to let things go and relax and learning techniques I could use at home or work.” Collier County Teacher

March 2019

“I liked how this class started with relaxing the body and then moved onto allowing us to identify our blocks to our wants. Very relaxing and beneficial! I was able to calm down and get rid of negative energy from an email I received earlier this week!” Collier School Board Teacher

March 2019

“I was able to process some of my feelings of healing with my mother who is suffering from demential. Introduced me to some great tools. I feel more relaxed and comfortable with my feelings.” Collier School Board Teacher

March 2019

“Really allows you to address what is inside you and helps you visualize what you want in life and how to get there. I released the burden I had and came back to who I am.” Collier School Board Teacher

February 2019

“I enjoyed the techniques on how to deal with frustration and stress, the different exercises and group discussion too! I feel so much better. Thank you!! This is something I can use with my students and self.” Collier School Board Teacher

February 2019

I liked the guided meditation and focus on positive energy along with release of negativity. Well worth the time. Clear head, rested and looking forward to sharing with my family and students.” Collier School Board Teacher

January 2019

“I wish this class lasted all day. Definitely recommend. Very peaceful. Laurie is very talented at teaching meditation. Loved it! It awoke feelings that I hadn’t had since childhood. Learned to imagine more clearly and peacefully.” NCH Hospital Staff

January 2019

“Laurie has a great approach to learning hands on exercises. I recommend this class! She gave some good techniques for my specific needs.” NCH Hospital Staff

January 2019

“Significant stress release today! I liked the different ways to relax.” NCH Hospital Staff

January 2019

“Laurie’s voice was very relaxing. The tapping affirmations and releasing unwanted things in my life I like most. I will practice relaxation and will start using the tapping to release anger and obsessions.” NCH Hospital Staff

October 2018

“Those who attended really enjoyed it and benefited. We were talking about when it would be good to have you back.” Collier County School Teacher

October 2018

“We LOVED having you at SeaGate Elementary last year!!! The teachers really want you back (every day, I heard some say,lol).I know the principal loved having you as well.” Collier County School Teacher

October 2018

“It felt really good to let go of the days stress in a positive way.” Collier County School Teacher

October 2018

“I came in with great optimism and was 100% satisfied with it, so much so that I did not want it to end!!” Justin Feingold, Collier County School Teacher

September 2018

“I attended the wellness meeting a few weeks ago and thought that my staff would be very interested in having you come to the school and learn more about your services. I thought you did such a great demonstration at the meeting and think our staff could really benefit from mindful practices.” Collier County School Teacher

August 2018

“Wonderful class!” NCH Employee

August 2018

 “I enjoyed the quiet walk around the pond, and I still use the tapping you taught me in the previous class. Thank you so much and I hope you repeat this class.” NCH Employee

August 2018

“The quiet walk made me realize just how much I “don’t” really see. I think it is going to help me not take my body for granted and to be more appreciative of myself.” NCH Employee

August 2018

 “I loved the guided relaxation and tapping and the walk.” NCH Employee

August 2018

 “This class helped me have a centered confidence in myself.”NCH Employee

August 2018

 “This class helped me learn to let go and not take things so personally.”NCH Employee

August 2018

 “This class reminded me that I have a great purpose in my life. It help relieve my negative thinking. Laurie’s voice was so relaxing and almost put me to sleep.” NCH Employee

August 2018

 “I was able to tap out of everyday life issues and able to really be relaxed, mind, body and spirit. It was a calming experience.” And, to take time to love myself and soak in all good energy.” NCH Employee

August 2018

 “The visualizations really reassured me and helped reduce my anxiety regarding the future.” NCH Employee

August 2018

 “Laurie’s voice and music was so soothing, it cleared my mind, decreased my anxiety and accept myself with love.” NCH Employee

May 2018

 “Being able to center myself was very neat. This class was awesome.” Collier County School Teacher

“I would love to gain more knowledge because I experienced the most calm/meditative state that I’ve ever experienced.” Collier County School Teacher

“Wonderful Experience!” Collier County school Teacher


“We loved the class and want you to come back. I felt completely relaxed and released the stressful thoughts. Thank you for this experience!” Collier County School Teacher

April 2018
“I LOVED this today! Thank you so much.” Collier County School Teacher
“The class was so relaxing. I enjoyed the soft music, soothing voice and calm atmosphere.” Collier County School Teacher

“I really enjoyed it! There’s something to be said for taking time to connect with yourself. As women, we get sucked into the mantra of nurturing everyone else, and we rarely take the time to nurture ourselves…I actually got an entire night of sleep! Definitely going to try and incorporate this into my daily routine…” Collier County School Teacher“I loved it!!  I agree  – I slept great!” Collier County School Teacher“I LOVED IT! I wish she could come once a week! “ Collier County School Teacher

“I agree! It was great!!!” Collier County School Teacher

March 2018:
“Breathing and visualization was fantastic! The class helped me to make a better decision with something I’ve been stressed with. Thank you for your Stress Release class. I was able to focus and learn about breathing and visualization.” NCH employee


“I enjoyed the breathing techniques, The walk was incredibly peaceful. I enjoyed the tapping as well. It will help me deal with the stress and drama in my workplace. I will definitely keep up with the techniques taught to make my life more peaceful.” NCH employee

“Great class, excellent techniques. It helped me with clarity and peace.” NCH employee

“Good class Laurie, we enjoyed it. It helped reduce stress and control emotions. Enjoyed the visualizations, breathing techniques and silent walk.” NCH employee

“Most effective was the breathing, clearing the mind, green circle with the things you want in your life, visualizing your ideal life. I hope to incorporate it to reduce stress and just relax.” NCH employee

“Very unique experience to try relaxation techniques that I have not been exposed to in the past in a peaceful setting. Laurie did a wonderful job of guiding us through the experience.” NCH Employee

“Thank you for this class. It opened a door and helped me to to be mindful.” NCH employee

“This class was wonderful, well worth the time. Loved that it was outside in the garden. It was so relaxing.”NCH Employee
“The class was liberating and empowering. It is like a “reset” for yourself to renew your strength.” NCH Employee

“The class will help me with relaxation and centering myself. I liked the segment where you touched the different parts of your body and relaxed and the affirmations.” NCH Employee

“Very unique experience to try relaxation techniques that I have not been exposed to i the past in a peaceful setting. Laurie did a wonderful job of guiding us through the experience.” NCH Employee
“Laurie- such a positive, optimistic person. She seems genuinely caring and passionate about her teaching.” Susan Bozek
Most effective and memorable: “Visualization of future self telling me it’s going to be fine, trust yourself.” Susan Bozek
“Very pleasant presentation. Learning to slow down and see things that you never take the time to see. Thank you!” Maria Grazia Cilibrasi
Most effective and memorable: “The technique to release all of your emotions and feel your organs. I enjoyed everything about this class.” Maria Grazia Cilibrasi
“These techniques helped release buried emotions. I look forward to incorporating these techniques in my daily life moving forward.” Tyna Otero
Most effective and memorable: “Visualization of my body, thank it and loving it and EFT techniques. I enjoyed everything! Thank you!” Tyna Otero
“Loved the class. I really felt relaxed and glad I took time for myself for this. I really enjoyed the breathing exercises. The most effective was the controlled breathing. Learning to concentrate on the different parts of your body and pay attention to them, thanking them, being grateful to them was key. Most favorite was being misted with the lavender lemon spray!!!” Cecilia S. Jimenez
Most effective and memorable: “Guided and visual meditation. I enjoyed the personal investment and putting myself first.” Carmen Blanco

From the April 1, 2017 class:

“This class is informative. Laurie is optimistic and a great teacher. Relaxing experience, nice ambiance, good information.” The meditation and tapping exercise was most memorable.” Magdalena Jakubiec

“I enjoyed the class today and am looking forward to the Smile Across Your Heart class that Laurie is teaching later this month. I think the meditation is a wonderful relaxation tool. Also the EFT for acupuncture points to relax and reset your emotions. Easy to learn and use anytime. Laurie Martin lives her passion and you can feel her enthusiasm for what she does.” Jennifer Petrick

“This class helped me to reawaken to my sense of self, self-care and dreams. Laurie was very inspirational and encouraging! I really enjoyed this morning with her! The most memorable was the meditation techniques, especially breathing to relax. I enjoyed being able to meditate in a serene and beautiful surrounding.” Ruby Montefalcon

“I was really relaxed. And, was able to think of future goals of life, it gave me a sense of happiness. I was able to connect to myself. It was so inspiring! It encouraged me to think about my future about things that can move me forward.” Georgette Dantes

“The techniques were peaceful and a positive approach that goes straight to the target. Great class. I enjoyed the relaxing, clearing the mind, breathing into every cell, focusing on positive goals.” John Prada

“I’ve been recently interested in getting to be happy with myself, not depending on others for my happiness. The meditating and looking to my future self and past self exercises were helpful.” Ana Londono, March 2017

“There were two exercises that I found have the potential to be the most useful, the first was naming/facing my fear/concern and meeting it with loving acceptance. The second was envisioning my future self and sharing the experience with her.” Margaret Murray, March 2017

The most effective technique was “welcoming the emotion and listening to what it had to say to me. I think I received a sign during class. Been curious about tapping, wanting to learn more about it, but have not taken the time. Then your class introduced it to me. Thank you.” Priscilla Fisher”, March 2017

“Thank you sooooo much, Laurie, for this wonderful class!!!! It was blissful!!!!! So happy to have been there. Laurie Martin it was fantastic!!!! Thank you soooo much for creating the quiet, peaceful space and for sharing so many insightful tips for our everyday life.” Tracey Barry, April 2016

“Thank you again for a great class! The breathing and relaxation exercises along with the emotion processing visualizations were two of my very favorite. I’m looking forward to another class in the future.” Rosa Cabrera, April 2016
“The Stress Release Restorative class was great! I thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience. You provided many new techniques that can be utilized by anyone.  I especially found it helpful to look at myself from a different perspective during the ‘meet yourself in the future’ portion. Thank you!” Liane Wagner, March, 2016
 “Awesome, awesome class, Laurie Martin! I wish all my friends could’ve attended. A wealth of information, thank you. KC loved it too.” Olga M. February 2016

“The Stress Release Workshop was wonderful! When I arrived my stress level was at a seven and by the end it went down to a two and carried over through Sunday. It was clearly Laurie’s energy, instruction and technique that made it so powerful.”  Sandi W.

“Kudos to you for dedicating your life to benefitting others. It’s nice to meet positive people like yourself.” Dennis H.