How do you know when you have grown in self love?

  1. When you are going through a tough situation you notice your inner strength is stronger than your sadness.
  2. When you are going through a tough situation and you are focusing on the wisdom you are gaining and how you are expanding your heart- more parts of yourself.
  3.  When you notice you are not personalizing other people’s behavior as much.
  4. When you notice you are able to vocalize and communicate instead of run away.
  5. When you have the courage and belief that you are cable of achieving something.
  6. When you describe situations from a higher, positive perspective.
  7. When you can see the goodness in others even when they are not feeling good about themselves.
  8. When you are able to forgive yourself easier.
  9. You are able to discern what isn’t working for you in relationships; you vocalize it in a responsible way and take action in a way that brings you to a healthy empowered place.
  10. You allow your true self to come out.
  11. You trust yourself, your intuition and feelings.
  12. You can laugh when you do silly things instead of reading yourself the riot act.
  13. You catch yourself when your mind is spinning on negative things or fixating on others too much, and you draw your energy back to positive thoughts more quickly.
  14. You are able to open your heart and love unconditionally.
  15. When you have more patience with your life path and your divine timing.
  16.  When you able to be genuinely happy for others when they are doing well.
  17.  When you are able to step into your feelings and be present without running or judging.
  18. When you notice that the people around you are wiser and more in their heart space than previous friends and romantic partners.


 Can you relate to any of these?

Laurie Martin