Give Yourself a Self-Care Week

Sick of hearing all of the negative news everywhere you turn? Worrying about your home, daily needs and our world affairs can be a little stressful too.

 Take a week off from watching the news, reading the newspaper and engaging in conversations that make your blood boil or worrying about your parents. Instead, give yourself a “self-care” week. During this week, engage in conversations with people that are a positive influence in your life discussing things that make you happy, you will read only inspiring books, watch uplifting movies with happy endings, eat healthy organic fruits and vegetables, do your favorite cardiovascular exercise and take plenty of warm Epsom salt baths. During this self-care week you will only have positive thoughts about your family, the world, your career, your parents and your life. You will imagine the best possible scenario and live in the present moment fully.

 Setting your intention for your self-care week: “I choose to release all of my concerns about my life, the world and the economy. I am committed to believing there is always a solution, there is an abundance of love, everything always works out and everything is in divine order. I choose to be peaceful no matter what situation arrises for me this week. I will take deep belly breaths and remember I am whole, safe, loved and needed!”

 Here are a few fun things to converse about.

 What are you passionate about that brings you joy? What was the wisest lesson you learned from your parent? When have you laughed the hardest lately and what were you laughing at? Who do you consider to be your role model and why? What is one of your favorite books and why? What was one of the silliest things you have ever done in your life :)?