A New addition

Dear Friends,

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a blog post.

A New addition to Smile Across Your Heart:

Surrender, Trust, Listen, and Take Action

When you feel frustrated or disappointed, this is the time to surrender. We are usually trying to control something or someone that is uncontrollable. Because we can’t control, we get frustrated, disappointed and feel out of control.

SURRENDER to God. Let it go. This doesn’t mean you’re being lazy or passive. This means you’re allowing space for the divine to do his/her magic! And, you are getting into a quiet calm space to hear your own divine intuition. There could be another possibility or opportunity that may be better for you that you may not be seeing right now. I understand living in the so called “unknown” can unsettling, but in the moment you have the opportunity to IMAGINE THE BEST OUTCOME FOR YOURSELF. What does that look like? This is a time for you to trust. This is a time to get quiet, listen and observe.

Surrendering means you have the courage and faith to believe that God knows more than you, that God is more powerful than you, and God has everything perfectly orchestrated for you. He does. And, you also have faith in yourself by believing in the best possible outcome, by getting into a space of trust and peace. ASK God to help you. Ask God if you can feel his/her love inside your heart. Ask God to hold your hand and help you through, ask him/her to handle the details of creating the best path for your highest good.

You will know when to take action. You will know which direction to go towards. It’s usually the path that brings peace.

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May you take action when your timing feels right! May you shine your heart to eternity!

Laurie Martin