God is helping you all the time – Do you see it?

It was a sunny Wednesday afternoon in southwest Florida as I was cruising north on route 41 heading directly to Stein Mart to look for a pair of shoes. In my head, I had the image of the type of shoes that I wanted to purchase to go with a particular outfit. My cell phone rings and it’s a friend whom I haven’t spoken to in several months. She said, “I’m driving right behind you.” I told her where I was headed and she said, “Oh, you need to go to DSW store.” She told me how to get there and off I went. I walked into the store and a very nice lady walked me right over to the type of shoes I was looking for – and they had my size. In five minutes I was making my purchase.

You too have had similar experiences where spirit is assisting you daily. We are not alone – there is an abundance of divine support!

Life is easier now – less effort, haven’t you noticed? I’m conflicted writing this because I know many people are struggling now with different life themes- separating in relationships, jobs, homes, while at the same time many people are living life more in the flow with strong foundations already built and the structures are coming together. At times, you may be looking over your shoulder, thinking something may fall apart because you are not accustom to this smooth ride. I’m here to tell you that this is the way it’s now! Trust how you feel, believe in yourself, believe things can flow easily and effortlessly!

We have done a lot of personal growth to get to this place, And, God has helped increase our frequency with placing a huge amount of unconditional love here on earth. Stay aligned and ride the frequency of love, faith and trust. If you need suport, I would be happy to offer my personal life coaching services to you. Email me at LaurieM@SmileAcrossYourHeart.com.

Big Blessings,
Laurie Martin