Everything is Possible!

A Boca Raton woman trapped on her knees in complete darkness for five days in the Haiti earthquake. She said, “Nothing is impossible with faith”. When asked, “How did you survive on your knees for five days? She said, “It was faith in the Lord.” She recited psalms, spoke encouraging words to another man and child, and at times screaming to be heard and found. Listening to this woman’s story, I was touched deeply inside my heart. This woman has an authentic and inspiring message to share! She knew her unwavering faith would carry her through, and with nothing else to do, she surrendered to her deep belief in God.

They say this woman will be fine- up and walking very soon! Thank God!

Everything is possible with a belief and faith in “possibilities.” When you find yourself wondering, questioning, or doubting – think of this woman sitting on her knees in darkness and pain for five days. Her spirit carried her through – and so can yours!

Let’s not let this woman’s suffering and profound message go to waste. Use this woman’s tragedy as a lesson for you to realize how powerful you are when you believe, trust and have faith in your life path, in divine orchestration and the beauty within yourself!!!

You are far from being alone. Every prayer, dream and thought is heard and seen. Now is the time to release your worries, fill yourself up with unconditional love from above, and imagine your life filled with love, joy, Truth, goodness and peace in all ways! Spend more time focusing on all the things you love, desire and enjoy! Allow your heart to lead you, and gravitate towards the things, environments and people that feel good, that lifts your spirit, that feeds your soul and allows you to shine!

“I choose to stay aligned with the highest frequencies of truth, love, faith, goodness and beauty!”
“I intend to keep my consciousness on the way I choose to live in all ways- on everything that I love, that feels good and is for the planet’s highest good.”
“I choose to believe everything is in divine order and I relax into the knowing that my thoughts, beliefs and desires take me to my heart’s destination.”

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A heart full of love,
Laurie Martin