Truth and Accountability is Helping You and Our Planet!


I’m excited for my new personal accountability challenge! Everything we do either has a positive or negative effect on our world. And, now even more, our world needs our help! It’s time to really step it up. It’s encouraging to know that my own daily actions can help our world. Taking accountability is a representation of “truth” and “right action” which impacts the frequency of the collective consciousness and our own personal empowerment.

Everyday occurrences, even being aware and accountable for the small occurrences makes a difference. There have been times that we may have made excuses in our mind, told small white lies or pretended we were not responsible for something by making someone else accountable.

The planet is correcting itself now, and needs our help. As you have noticed, anything that is not set with a foundation of truth, honesty, kindness and oneness is coming up to the surface in consciousness, coming out in public for us to see. These actions of corruption, malicious behavior and deceit can’t hide any longer and people are being forced to take personal accountability. Let’s build our empowerment by voluntarily looking for ways to be 100% personally accountable.

Start by waking up in the morning and asking, “How can I help our planet? How can I be honest in all of my relationships, in business and my actions? How can I show empathy and compassion to others? How can I heal my own areas of judgment, racism, sexism, ageism, rage, and pain? How can I behave in a way that is the exact way I would like to be treated? How can I treat my body and mind with love and respect? How can I express from my heart? How can I connect with others on a heart level?

Look for these small daily occurrences to make a positive change. Here are some examples:

  1. You purchase items in a store, walking to your car you notice they gave you .50 more than you were owed. Do you go back to the store? Yes.
  2. You miss a business appointment. They call you to find out what happened. Do you lie and make up an excuse? No, you apologize and explain the truth.
  3. You’re taking a walk and you see a water bottle on the ground. Do you pick it up or ignore it and keep on walking?
  4. You are at a party talking to a group of your friends. You see someone all alone standing in the corner. Do you turn away and pretend it’s not your responsibility to show kindness and compassion to this person or do you walk over and introduce yourself?
  5. Do you feel good about your recycling efforts or do you look the other way sometimes?
  6. You are receiving flirtatious behavior from a married man. Do you flirt back?
  7. You are unhappy in your marriage. Do you look for emotional support somewhere else from the opposite sex?
  8. Your neighbor’s garbage can is knocked over and was pushed into the street. Do you ignore it or pick it up and bring it up to your neighbor’s home?
  9. When asked questions that you are uncomfortable answering, do you try to make the other person wrong?
  10.  During your day, do you have more negative thoughts towards others and yourself versus positive?
  11. Do you expect a professional to give you their time for free?

I would love to hear how you are accountable for your daily occurrences. Please share!

I personally thank you for your healing contribution to our world!

Love & Big Blessings!

With Gratitude,

Laurie Martin

Laurie Martin is a leader in the arena of Self-Love – body, spirit and mind. As a professional speaker, certified life coach, author of Smile Across Your Heart: The Process of Building Self-love, yoga teacher and radio host . Laurie Martin shares her passion and knowledge guiding others “how to” increase self- love, confidence, self-esteem and live a truthful, peaceful, empowered life. She has two columns, one in the Naples Daily News called Heart to Heart, and the Ask Laurie column in Pulse Magazine. Sign up for her FREE newsletter, Visit