Getting Out of Our Heads- Magic Happens

For sixteen years, my rambunctious bichon frise named Lexy has run up and down stairs, walked many miles, sprung up and off beds and couches, and still runs faster than I do. Lately, and normal for a sixteen year old dog, in the last few months she has had several seizures and her hearing and eyesight has changed.

Leaving our house and going down the outside cement steps she has slipped, missing a step a few times, which created fear in her and me. Lexy began to be more hesitant, stopping after a couple of steps, and I began picking her up and carrying her down. But, this is not the case first thing in the morning. For three years now, around 7:00 am, Lexy gets to see her boyfriend. Her boyfriend is an eleven year old bichon frise. 🙂 She looks forward to this every morning, whining and nudging me out the door. And, if for some chance we don’t see him, she jumps around following me throughout the house until I take her out again to find him.
My point is, at 7:00 am, she has no problem going down the steps. She runs down like a champ. In my mind I’m asking myself, “Who is this dog?”

She is not in her head, in her fears, worries, anxiousness stopping her, and paralyzing her to take another step. So I wondered, “When am I not in my head?” Our minds can create these stories, which create energetic programs of fear, just like a computer program, we program our brain all the time. How can she be so scared every other time going down the stairs except at 7:00 am when she so excited to see her younger boyfriend?

We can practice catching ourselves when we are filled with paralyzing fear and anchor in something that motivates and inspires us, of course it doesn’t have to be a younger man. Hahahahaha What inspires you? When are you just so immersed in a passion? When are you totally in the present moment with all your senses? When are you not in your busy mind? When are you feeling your magic?

For me, some of the times are: yoga, teaching, classes, being in nature, playing with my dog, cooking, staring up at the sky talking to friends.
What is your magic that pulls you our of your busy mind chatter.
We can all spend more time in that space.

We set our intention: “I intend to be in a state of peace when I’m normally in fear. I am open to positive support that helps me stay calm. I choose to delete all debilitating programs and choose to input positive, inspiring, uplifting, empowering programs. I choose to be in a state of magic. Everything is going to work out.”

Practice a state of calm and joy with us in our online yoga classes. Try one class, you can drop in any time.

Feel your magic one breath at a time! 🥰


Laurie Martin
Certified Life Coach
Certified Yoga Teacher
Florida Department of Nursing certified instructor of classes and course.