Breaking Up With our Identities

Many of us are feeling weird and are not quite sure what is happening to us inside. We know we are not feeling like ourselves but we can’t quite get our footing. Things are changing around us too. As the energies on the planet get lighter and lighter, our programs and the way we identify ourselves are coming up to be seen. We begin to wonder, “ Who am I? What am I meant to be doing?”

Before we came to earth, we all agreed to participate in the rules of engagement here. One of the rules is the separation game. To be disconnected from our divine truth, and our divine abilities and connection to everyone and everything. Without our connection, many of us have felt alone for most of our life.
So, the feeling of being alone is up in our face. Why? We are dropping the identities we attached ourselves to so we ground deeper in our authentic truth, our true divine essence. As these life patterns show up, observe them. For example, “I see you rejection. I see you feelings of abandonment. I see you feelings of being alone. I see you self-doubt.” Any major theme that keeps showing up.

To decipher your own patterns. Roughly an hour or so daily, spend quiet time to close your eyes, focus on your breath, relax and drop inward. Observe your feelings and emotions you are having and write them down. Recognize the emotion, allow it, but don’t judge it. Ask yourself some questions, such as, “Where do I feel powerless in my life”? “What am i so angry about? What am I disappointed about? How do I want to live? What is holding me back? Look at the fears. Are you taking something personally like, “They don’t like me.” Are you being triggered by anything your ego or small self is communicating? These could be your patterns in this life time and even past life times that are ready to be seen, acknowledged, heard and released. If we don’t pay attention to these emotions they stay stuck in our body, and are part of our consciousness, which effects our vibration, our life path and our manifestation abilities.

As we allow, observe and express these emotions, we are on a an spiral upward. Slowly, we are detaching from all the things/titles we thought we were and are, but we are not. So, when things are becoming increasingly uncomfortable, that’s a sign it may not be aligned with our pure essence.
We let go of trying to control, stay grounded in our bodies in the present moment. Another daily practice is going within and connecting to our heart, our pure essence and listen. We are listening to the whispers of our higher self, inner source—allowing those whispers to guide us.

We are divine consciousness, infinite, eternal, powerful, beautiful, joy, love, light, unique beings. And, until we realize this, the external world acts as a mirror showing us what we need to observe within, process, transmute and let go.

The majority of our day, stay present, breathe, and find ways to laugh, dance, and play through during these times of transformation. Love yourself through the challenges. Hug yourself and be your biggest cheerleader. Let yourself know, “I see you. I see your true essence. I see your heart. I see your divine path. I see your pain, I’m sorry! You are so courageous, and I love you so much!!”