The power to inspire an open heart is a gift to humanity!

One theme I’m hearing a lot these days is, “I want to make a difference in people’s lives.” And, the good news is, it’s very easy!

One reason people are divinely driven to make a difference is because it feels good. It’s a wonderful and powerful feeling to know that you have been a catalyst of peace and harmony in someone’s life. This feeling is what brings true fulfillment!

Helping humanity heal: (Read each one slowly and think about the last time you did each one of these acts.)

Smile at strangers, listen to someone fully without bringing the conversation back to yourself, look into someone’s eyes and say, “I love you”, listen to someone without having to prove you’re right- just let them feel “heard”, communicate the positive qualities you see in others daily, allow room for people to “be” who they are, show your support with compassion, give something to someone – furniture, clothes, an old computer etc, call a relative you haven’t spoken to in awhile and tell them, “I was thinking about you”, answer your phone by saying, “I always have time for you!”, send blessings and prayers to all beings around the globe- maybe a stranger, admit you were wrong, take time to do something for another person, act dependable/reliable to others, lend your time or donate to a charity, instead of anger – have patience, give helpful information to another, tell someone they’re AMAZING without wanting anything from them, respond back to someone with a positive response ‘celebrating what they said’ without trying to prove you are wiser or know more than them, laugh with someone, show respect AND non judgment towards people, have an open mind to someone else’s view or someone who is different than you without trying to show how they are wrong, say “thank you” to anyone who shared their time or info with you, believe and treat all humans as EQUALS regardless of religion, race, sex, financial status, educational status, political status, physicality, eating habits, or age, remember a friend’s important event and ask them about it, share your passion(s) with the world, hold positive thoughts towards others and hold a positive vision and boundaries for yourself, follow your own heart callings and be mindful of self-care, hold reverence for the earth, all of nature, spirit and animals. These are all helping humanity in a big way!!! These are the acts of earth angels. If you are reading this, YOU are an earth angel!!!

Hold a vision for PEACE. The way to get there is through LOVE – through your heart.
YOU are a gift to humanity!!! I’m blessed to have you read my writings. Thank you!


Laurie A. Martin
Self- Love Speaker
Author of Smile Across Your Heart: The Processs of Building Self-Love
Certified Life Coach
Contributing Writer for several magazines including the “Ask Laurie” Columnist in Pulse Magazine, and the Heart to Heart advice column in the Naples Daily News.

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