Inspired Moments Connected to Truth


My temperature heats up, my excitement level heightens, I feel passionate and excited, time flies – I’m open to divine flow, it feels like “truth”, no doubts, it feels like I’m channeling information and the flood gates are open. I’m so focused on what I’m hearing. The intensity of the heightened sensation is so strong that my body breaks out in goose bumps covering my arms and pushing hair follicles out of my shaved legs.

This is what inspired moments feels like to me when I’m living life awake. Not all of my awakened moments are this dramatic; many are subtle bringing clarity and life into focus. Living life consciously increases our opportunities to learn and grow. And, you too can learn to recognize these everyday occurrences.

Why do I want to be aware of these moments? Living your inspired moments awake is reassurance that you are connecting to your truth. And you are not alone, there is a bigger divine orchestration and force that is helping you, guiding you and loving you and you don’t have to learn through painful experiences when you are living awake and learning. These awakened moments are part of your guidance system. Noticing them increases our faith, trust and confidence in yourself and your life path.

They are confirmation that you are hearing truth; that you are on your divine path, you understand something with more clarity and depth; you have increased your consciousness and frequency by learning and growing from these experiences.

I feel these goose bumps when someone is speaking their truth and I can sense they’re spot on, or when I’m speaking, meditating or writing, and I’m connected to a stream of consciousness flowing through me.

Write to me and tell me what it’s like for you to have inspired moment. Do you get goose bumps too?

Laurie Martin is the author of an inspirational book, Smile Across Your Heart, The Process of Building Self- Love. Laurie is passionate about helping people live an authentic, empowered life through the heart.

Laurie is a speaker, certified life coach and writer for several magazines, including a bi-monthly “Ask Laurie” advice column in a city wide magazine. She was a regular guest for six months on Fox 4 television as their inspirational “Life Coach.”

Laurie conducts weekly Inner Wisdom interactive gatherings, and telephone classes. A large part of her message is to help others awaken to their divine essence.



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4. Be clear on your values of your life partner
5. Believe in abundance – you perfect partner already exists and you will meet him/her. Be open.
6. Ask many questions to your potential dating partner; listen with both ears and observe.
7. Pay attention to red flags. discern, trust your feelings, discuss, and take action.

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