30 Reasons Why YOU are Amazing


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Now, for why YOU are amazing:
Which one’s are true for you? Please leave me a message in the comment box below and include any other reason too. Thank you!

1. You held someone’s hand during their chemo treatments.
2. You lost your sister or brother too young, and you hold onto the nice memories and were able to find peace and move forward.
3. You listened to your friend’s struggles and pains supporting her/him through their divorce.
4. You are amazing because you’ve lived through the loss of a marriage and continue to love more.

5. You were courageous enough to be there in the last moments when your loved one passed away.
6. You recovered from an emotional or physical addiction.
7. You gave birth and then you were there for your child’s birth.
8. You were there when your best friend lost her/his way.
9. You felt like an outcast in your family and now you are proud to be that outcast.
10. You’ve lived through being fired from a job, appreciating that it brought you on a new path.
11. You are amazing because you’ve lived through loss of your loving pet and continue to have an open heart to love your new pets.
12.You lived through a natural disaster and have a stronger connection to humanity.
13.You lost money in a down market and learned to value things and people differently.
14. You lived through anti-Semitism, sexism, racism, “feelings of separation and degradation” and through forgiveness you continue to embrace everyone as your equal.
15. You were raised without hearing the words, “I love you” and you are able to say I love you to your own child.

16. You were raised with addictions in your family and you chose not to continue the cycle.
17. You were challenged with an illness and became healthy again.
18. You are able to acknowledge greatness in others.
19. You respected yourself enough to remove yourself from unhealthy relationships, behaviors and experiences.
20. You learned how to communicate your feelings in a healthy calm way.
21. You stopped blaming others for your life.
22. You learned how to make lemonade out of lemons and learned to love the lemons.
23. You lived through seeing things no human’s eyes should see, and you find a way to stay present and deal with your uncomfortable feelings.
24. You are amazing because you have lived through verbal, emotional or physical abuse and you have the ability to forgive and love others.
25. You are amazing because you created a new life for yourself.

26. You are amazing because you gave so much love and energy to raising children- by yourself.
27. You are amazing because you lived through the moment of hearing your child say, “I hate you”, and you love them more.
28. You are amazing because you trusted your intuition despite what others were saying, and you allowed yourself to think outside the box.
29. You are amazing because you lived through death of a parent and still found a way to live, love, make a difference and give back.
30. You are amazing because you are interested in others and humanity.
You got back up.
You said “YES” to life.
You are wiser, stronger, smarter, and funnier with a huge capacity to love.
You loved. You are loved.
You Love.