7 Steps Releasing Stressful Worries of Caring What Others Think!

Whether we are at work, or at home with our families, we all can get plagued by personalizing someone else’s behavior, and this invites unnecessary stress into our lives.

I know because it happened to me while giving a workshop. I asked the attendees to close their eyes for a relaxing visualization technique. A woman in the workshop didn’t close her eyes and was doodling on a piece of paper. I turned to her and asked, “Did you want to close your eyes”. She responded, “I have to go to the bathroom. Upon returning from the bathroom, she gathered her things and mumbled, “I have to go, sorry.” And out she went. My mind was playing ping-pong between, “don’t take it personally”, and “I can’t believe she came in and just walked out –that was rude.”

After the workshop was over, I was driving home telling myself not to take this personally, “maybe she wasn’t ready to close her eyes and do some inner work. I asked myself, “Why did I feel less than or out of peace in anyway because of what someone else was doing?”
Have you ever felt this way before? It could be caring too much about what your dad thinks about your career or relationship choices or you personalize the way your boss acts towards you in a particular situation. Maybe your boyfriend was in a bad mood, and you thought he was pulling way from you.

We create mini scripts of why something occurred, not knowing if it’s even a hundred percent true. What happens when we do this? We get upset, and stressed out, and we are definitely not living in full peace.

Do you see how crazy our thinking can get when we personalize behavior? And, we need to remember that how we feel about our self is more important than how others feel about us.
Observe your internal dialogue (your self-talk):
1. Are you making an assumption that his or her behavior is because of you? What story are you now creating? How are you feeling? Are you willing to ask someone to clarify their intentions?
2. What are you afraid of? Can this person really take anything away from you?
3. Do you know that this story you are creating in your head is 100 % true?
4. How would you like to feel right now? What’s stopping you from feeling this way right now?
5. If you are thinking that this person doesn’t like you, ask yourself, “Do you like you?” Can you give yourself what you feel is missing-love, appreciation, acceptance, respect?
6. How could you create a positive mini script using the same scenario?
7. Read this out loud:
“Dear God, please help me, I am choosing to release these negative feelings once and for all- from all of my cells, my physical body, and every aspect of my being. I’m choosing to feel lighter and more peaceful. I’m choosing to let go and not personalize or make assumptions. I’m choosing to be in my power! Thank you!”

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