Whole Body Healing– Visualization

Choose a comfortable place inside or outside your home and lie down and relax. Say, “I’m creating a sacred space for my healing visualization. All distracting thoughts and energies are band from my area. I connect my brain with the highest frequency of unconditional love.”

Breathe in white violet light from God (the formula of unconditional love, peace, Truth, beauty and healing), and imagine this flowing
through you from the top of your head through your feet and into the earth. Relax. Focus on your breathing for a few minutes.

Say, “I ask and intend to remove any congestion that may be blocking me. I ask and intend to release all emotions that don’t serve my highest good. I ask and intend to bring my body into perfect health and harmony for my highest good. I breathe in perfect health for my body, spirit and mind. I TRUST MY ABILITIES. I TRUST MY LIFE PATH, I TRUST MY BODY, I LOVE MY BODY. I TRUST MYSELF.”

Place your hand on each chakra, starting at the top of your head, and say, “I draw in Infinite gratitude, healing and love into my body. Move your hand down to your forehead and repeat this statement, next is your throat, heart, upper belly, and lower belly.

Now stretch your arms out like you are holding a gigantic ball, and say, “I draw infinite love, gratitude and healing into my energy field, healing the energy all around me.” Hold the knowing that your body is cleansed and filled with the formula from above.

I hope this experience helps you! Email me any questions!

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