Something to be Proud of – Your Emotional Wealth


Happy New Year! We have all gone through different size life transitions, personal challenges and much spiritual growth. I personally thank you! As each of us does our personal growth work we are raising our vibration another octave higher and with this increase we are assisting with the increase of raising the earth’s vibration. Thank you for all you have endured and for staying aligned to love, trust and faith!

I hope you enjoy this month’s article. The intention is for you to celebrate the emotional wealth you created and be proud of yourself! In many cases, it was not given to you, you had to dig deep!

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Something to be Proud of – Your Emotional Wealth

If you didn’t grow up with parents giving you regular and stable unconditional love, encouraging your spirits with verbal supporting positive accolades, positive emotional support and regular physical affection, you fought for every ounce of self –love. You learned how to support yourself through disappointments, through insecurities and even childhood traumas. You mustered every ounce of encouragement to spark your drive and have the courage to believe in yourself and your capabilities. With a parent filled with their own fears, doubting your decisions and choices, you had to fight harder and dig deeper to stay true to your inner core and hold a light to your dreams!

For many years you wanted your mom or dads to think you were successful, you learned success to you may be different than their definition. Each time you shared a positive story and didn’t receive the supportive response you so desperately wanted, you learned that this parent of yours was showing you that you didn’t need his/her approval, you needed to dip even deeper and appreciate yourself and stop giving your power away. You understood this parent was acting like a mirror reflecting your insecurity back to you. You learned to say to yourself, “Stop “needing” this validation from him/her because you are not going to get it in the way you want it.” You told yourself, “I must validate myself!” You learned to appreciate their way of showing you love. Wow, the inner strength kept on building. They really knew how to challenge your emotional and mental character!

Your parents may have been more traditional, had specific expectations for you and didn’t understand your out of the box philosophies but you had the courage and fortitude to do things your way. You learned that all human beings including yourself are only capable of giving what you have inside to give. You love your parents very much and appreciate everything they have given, taught, provided and shared including their wonderful qualities that you did inherit that helped mold your character!

You learned to stop wishing your parents were different than they were because you understood that you chose your parents for your divine learning lessons. And, you understood every time you wished they were different it was like you were saying that you weren’t good enough. You knew you had to stop wishing things were different and accept them exactly like they had been. You discovered once you accepted everyone and everything without wanting or wishing they were different, you found your everlasting inner peace.

Being angry at them didn’t serve any good. It only held you inside a prism of anger. And, you knew you were missing the bigger picture—that everything WAS and always had been in divine order. As a child you may not have always understood and may have questioned, “How did I end up here in this family?” You now know that as a divine spirit before coming to earth, you carefully chose your families for your life learning lessons. You knew precisely which aspects you wanted to learn more about within yourself, and the family you chose would provide that opportunity.

Your parents, at times, had the COURAGE to be mean, selfish, and emotionally unavailable, controlling, to be negative and non-supportive. This forced you to probe as deep as one can go—to grow in your inner strength, self-love, your courage, your decisive focus, and your ability to learn how to be your own best friend! They gifted you emotional and mental WEALTH. You know you can count on yourself! And, you kept your heart open to support, share, give and love others. You understand your parents did the best they could, coming from a different era, a consciousness that was saturated in fear and possibly different environments. You learned to have compassion and understanding for them and appreciate their many wonderful qualities! You bless them and thank them for a job well done!

This emotional wealth is worth millions in prosperity! You should be very proud of yourself!!! You were not handed self-love, encouragement, unconditional love, indomitable perseverance, and inner strength on a silver platter– YOU EARNED IT EVERY STEP OF THE WAY. You did the hard work and came out strong! Congratulations!!! You are my hero! Look how much you can love!

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