Heart to Heart column in Naples Daily News


Dear Laurie,

I took a wonderful workshop with you recently in Maryland and was wondering if you can give me a mantra to help me in my life. What word or phase would you give me?

Thank you Laurie!


Dear Rachel,

I remember who you are, sweet lady. My mantra for you is, “I remember who I am.” Remember your beautiful divinity, your eternal divine essence. Remember you are made of unconditional love on purpose and you are needed and loved always.

If you can look at a baby picture of yourself, look into your eyes, you can see your divine magic, your innate goodness and beauty. This is you, full of love and joy.

Life disappointments, hurts and sadness has a way of covering up our divine true essence, but it is there underneath our ego that say, “I’m not worthy, I’m not good enough, pretty enough, rich enough, thin enough or smart enough, or I’ve been hurt and wronged.”

I suggest adopting perceptions based on faith, trust, unconditional love and abundance that say, “I know I’m a divine being who was created on purpose and is connected to the whole energetic fabric of consciousness. I love and accept who I am right now. I embrace all parts of my life.

“I’m learning how to be my own best friend, to be loving and kind with my thoughts and actions. I trust my life path! I believe there are enough loving friends, goodness and opportunities. I understand my role here on earth and I appreciate all the experiences that help me learn how to love myself more. I understand the amount of love I have for myself is the same amount of earnest love I can authentically offer others.

“Once I truly am at peace within myself, I can be honest and authentic is all that I do and all that I am. I love and accept this moment right now. I’m choosing to never walk away from myself again. I’m choosing to believe in my heart’s desires and trust myself! I remember who I am!”

– – –

Laurie Martin is a national speaker in the arena of self-love and empowerment. As a professional speaker, certified life coach, author, advice columnist and radio host, she shares her passion and knowledge guiding others to tap into their own inspiration. She is the author of the published book, “Smile Across Your Heart: The Process of Building Self-Love.” For more info, go to her website at www.SmileAcrossYourHeart.com or email questions to LaurieM@SmileAcrossYourHeart.com.