Full Acceptance of What Is – Getting Into a State of Peace

Close your eyes. Breathe in and out through your nose. Relax all of your muscles.

Say, “I ask and intend to connect with the frequency of unconditional love. I connect with my higher all wise self. I accept all of my feelings and emotions that I’m having right now. I love them! I love them! And, they are invited to stay if they want to stay, and welcome to go whenever they are ready to go. I accept “what is” going on with me in this present moment:” Take a big breath.

“I have no judgment of my feelings. A feeling is just that, a feeling. And, I know feelings flow in and flow out. I’m accepting of what is inside me, and what is outside of me in this moment, for this is my truth. I love that I can be authentic! I love that I can love my feelings and emotions without making them wrong or bad. I trust life, and I trust myself. I trust I will navigate through my life path, and I’m choosing to do so with peace. I bless my current life situation. I am open to learning. I love myself. I believe that I have many wonderful resources. I choose to live in the energy of abundance!! And, living in this frequency of abundant living, I know from the depths of my being that everything always works out. I trust the magnificent natural intelligence of my body, I believe there are enough jobs, friends, lovers and money for everyone, and I know my perfect resources are aligned in my divine path. And, I choose to be aligned with situations and friends that feed my soul, nourish my spirit and light up my heart! I’m so excited for all the love I share with others, and so grateful for all the ways the universe loves me!”

Now list all the ways the universe loves you in the comment field below!

Laurie A. Martin
Self- Love Speaker
Author of Smile Across Your Heart: The Processs of Building Self-Love
Certified Life Coach
Advice Columnist for several magazines including the “Ask Laurie” Columnist in Pulse Magazine, and the Heart to Heart column in the Naples Daily News.

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