Every Stone Being Unturned

We are witnessing divine orchestration at play. This is a time in the world in which many people are going through some kind of small awakening. The human species is evolving in leaps and bounds. Every inner stone and pebble is being moved, and we are left with what is underneath – a fear, a worry, a past hurt, a belief system, a perspective that has been buried and doesn’t serve our highest good. It’s time to face the uncomfortable emotions and trust that they are there to help us grow. And, the stones and pebbles would not be moved if you couldn’t handle what is underneath them.

As you are witnessing before you very eyes, this is a time of Truth, which is precisely why we are hearing about many scandals in the news and most recently the scandal with David Letterman. And, we will continue to hear and learn about many more untruths. Things must come up to the surface, to be “exposed” in order for there to be a change. And, we were all granted free will; we all choose how we flow through our life circumstances. (We choose our attitude, we choose to see it as doom and gloom or trust we are learning something and we choose to live connected to love and forgiveness)

So, it’s time to see what is being “exposed” within each of us. Look underneath your stones and pebbles. Try to exhibit an attitude of faith, knowing that you are capable of handling this. You know this is in divine order. And, it is helping you get very clear on “who you are”, “what ignites your heart”, “how you want to live your life”, “what is acceptable to you”, “how you choose to express yourself”, “what type of people you want in your life”. People are in different stages in this big earth awakening– some people are losing jobs, losing homes, losing money, divorcing, experiencing health issues, relationships ending and some people are setting new foundations.

These extremely uncomfortable situations are shaking the stones and pebbles inside us. And, they are meant to.

You ask, “why are we going through all this and where are we going?” To raise our frequency (which means a higher level of love and light), to embrace and accept a part of us we denied or dissconnected from. We must confront our inner Truth. We must learn who we are and become our own best friend. We must learn about unconditional love, faith in divine orchestration versus fear. We must have more reverence for the earth, the environment, for our neighbors, and for each other. The only way to do this is to understand that every thing and everyone is connected energetically, and Truth is unconditional love. We must understand that people and situations are there to help us look inside of us and discern our own insecurities, like a mirror. And, each one of us chose to be here on earth right now at this special time. Your unique frequency is exactly where you are meant to be right now.

We are learning to be more in our hearts (versus ego) for ourselves and for others. We are all becoming more balanced individuals- with masculine and feminine energy. As we grow, we are becoming more in tune with our inner guidance, learning how to trust our own intuition and allow that to be our guide. We are becoming more inner lead versus followers.

We are also learning about equality. Equality and reverence for all living things. We are learning to live in a new energy vibration of oneness, peace for all, and unity. We are leaving the old “fear” mentality and choosing to be in the new lighter frequency. And, this is where you are headed.

Are you wondering why your product, company or services is not selling so well right now? It’s not necessarily anything that you are doing wrong. Have patience. People have a lot on their plates right now. They are focused on healing, growing, and learning, discerning, cleaning out, preparing, and setting up new foundations. Trust, be patient, and stay close to your intuition. Say, “I have the knowing that things behind the scenes are being orchestrated for me.” It’s imperative to sit quiet everyday and meditate.

I offer my book Smile Across Your Heart, The Process of Building Self Love. It’s filled with visualization techniques and exercises– all to help you find that inner peace inside you.

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Stay connected to LOVE! Laurie Martin