Ending of Relationships- It was successful!


Many of us have experienced the heart-break of severing ties with a special person in our life. But, that does not mean the relationship was a failure. Not all relationships are going to last until one person passes away. A friend of mine was sharing with me her story of a breakup between her and her boyfriend. She said she felt like a failure. I told her I view her relationship as successful! And, I went on to explain all of the reasons why. And, she said, “I never thought of it that way.” It is society that creates the negative stigma that in order for a relationship to be considered successful it must last forever. And, we buy into the notion that being single is somehow “less than” a person in a relationship. I don’t subscribe to either of those man made beliefs. I trust the bigger picture. Each of us are whole individuals and when we are following our heart, we choose to experience a life aligned with our higher purpose and what we are meant to achieve in this life time.

We have relationships with people in our life to learn and grow and experience life together. We are learning about ourselves. And when it’s time to move on separately, that usually means the learning together is done and our energy and focus is meant to be in a new direction. We attract into our life a perfect vibrational match for who we were at that time.

It’s only natural to be sad and miss the other person during the transition. It’s helpful to stay empowered by trusting everything is in divine order. Your amazing new life experiences and friends are walking towards you now! Foster all of the beautiful things you learned about yourself and the experiences you shared with another person. You are stronger now, you are wiser now, you are more trusting of yourself, you used your voice and spoke from your heart, you trusted another person and allowed yourself to be vulnerable, you grew in patience, you compromised, you loved, you understand love more fully, you comforted and supported. You are a gift and so were they! I hope that during the ending of any relationship that may occur in your life that you remember that you are a beautiful, fully empowered, infinite being that was created on purpose. And, you are exactly where you are meant to be right now. You can separate with love and respect.

From my heart to your heart.
Laurie Martin