You Are Transitioning


In my dream two nights ago, an older man appeared in my third eye. It was in complete color. He said to me, “You are transitioning.”

 Earth is in a transition and that means individually each one of us is transitioning and evolving. What does that mean to you? If you pay attention, you will see particular patterns of behavior that has been brought to the surface for you to see. I certainly have noticed these in myself. A client of mine admitted a pattern of decisions he has made in the past several years that has to do with a fear of not wanting to be alone. Another client of mine had an awakening of her behavior of not being a good listener and being controlling.

Things being brought to your attention can be very small things such as a pattern of responding with your ego, taking things personally, being upset if someone is mad at you, trying to keep everyone happy, not valuing yourself by thinking other people know more than you do, being overly responsible for other people, allowing yourself to be manipulated or controlled by others because you are caring and sensitive, wanting to be recognized, wanting something to occur to prove your worthiness, or needing something to occur to feel validated, devaluing your own services or identifying your value with the amount of money and materialistic things you have. Don’t berate yourself for your behavior. Be grateful you had the courage to “see” yourself.

These things that are being brought to the surface are things that are not aligned with our beautiful infinite fully empowered being. It may not feel good going through these bumps of awareness’s, but KNOW you are growing into more of your organic self.  You may begin questioning, “Why am I here?” ‘What is my life purpose?” “Who am I?” This is a good thing! These questions are the impetus that is moving you in the right direction. Tread lightly and KNOW the light is there!  You are the light!!! The first step is to recognize your behavior, your fear, your worries and limitations you place on yourself and your life. Give gratitude to yourself for your ability to evolve and learn how to love and accept yourself unconditionally. And, process your emotions. Don’t burry them or run from them. Acknowledge and accept whatever is going on in your life with love and gentleness. Say, “I accept this situation.”

As we evolve, we choose loving and respectful actions. We draw our power back to ourselves. We being to detach and drop our “programs of limitation” and think in a powerful and expanded way! For some of us, that means moving away from toxic jobs and relationships, television news and creating boundaries and trusting life and ourselves. We begin taking actions towards things that have a strong resonance with our heart! We begin to unconditionally value ourselves. We begin trusting our intuition, recognizing ourselves as equals and living in love and joy more often. Maybe you begin healthier living and eating patterns such as eating more vegetables and fruits, walking in nature, dropping sugar, processed foods, chemicals and toxins from your life, and begin a meditation practice. You are becoming more flexible in your thinking. Congratulations!

Meditation is a great way to connect and ground with yourself and release tension and stress. It’s very simple, for several minutes to one hour, sit and close your eyes. Say, “I’m relaxing. I’m raising my vibration higher than all of my dramas. I intend to remember my infinite and limitless self and feel my own love and light. I expand my love and light throughout my whole being and all around me.” Now rest inside your love and light.

Things are changing and you are moving to higher and better horizons within yourself. I wish you much love, peace, joy and harmony! Love, Laurie Martin, Have you noticed this within yourself? Please share. 🙂