Switching from Money Worries to Being In the Flow


The more we can keep ourselves in a vibration and mind-set of abundance and trust, the more we are living in a matched frequency of wealth consciousness. This is the frequency that will assist us in creating what we do want and not more of what we don’t want.

If you find yourself concerned with money struggles, pay attention to each minute concern or worry. Be aware of your thoughts. For example, if find yourself worrying about big expenses on the horizon such as rent increases, major car repairs, big dental and medical bills, or business expenses and you’re wondering how you are going to to pay for all of your life expenses, take a moment to sit quietly and get grounded. Take a few belly breaths and connect with the Divine.

Remind yourself that when you are worrying, you are creating rapid-fire repetitive lower vibrating thoughts. It’s important to switch to a higher frequency, a frequency that believes in who you are as divine, infinite eternal being with the ability to create and the ability to open to solutions.

The goal is to get you to switch to a vibration matched with what you would like. Ask yourself, “What would your life be like without your money concerns?” “How would you feel?” “How would you be living?”

Practice switching to this channel:

“I release this concern and struggle. I no longer have a need for this fear. I ask and intend to see options and solutions. I open to infinite revenue streams. I allow my pure essence to radiate out and lead me in all of my endeavors. I connect with the Divine above, and breathe this love, light and joy into me. I align with the flow of my highest potential. I choose to live vibrantly and thrive! I have the power, resources and energy to create an abundant life. I’m abundant. I choose to live more powerfully and sustainably. I trust all of the pieces are coming together. I have the ability to create. I’m a powerful creator. I love money and welcome it in my life.””

Stay open for practical solutions to flow into your insight. Write them down and take the appropriate actions that are aligned with your highest good and mutually beneficial.

For more self- love daily practices and tools, I recommend my book

Smile Across Your Heart: The Process of Building Self-Love.