Only Love In “This” Society –

Can you imagine living in a society in which you felt no negative pressure, only unconditional love and support for who you are on the inside? You are free to be happy with who you are whether you were single, short, old and wrinkled, a woman, divorced, Jewish, Christian, college educated or street smart, a vegan, an organic farmer or a so called “tree hugger”.

In this make believe, pretend world, you are loved so deeply, respected so much, that you wouldn’t even consider being anyone other than yourself.  There is no racism, sexism, ageism, or egoism. In this world you are so connected to your truth, values and encouraged by everyone to love and live your true essence! During challenging times, everyone around you rally’s together to love and support you; one is never alone going through difficult times. You are connected to your feelings and are able to express yourself with emotional maturity and responsibility.

Everyone who lives in this make believe world has a healthy sense of who they are and is encouraged to share that love with everyone and everything. Each person has a role, and understands how needed and valuable they are –with a deep understanding of the undeniable interconnection of everyone and everything. In this world there is no jealousy because everyone has a healthy sense of self worth, there is no competition because everyone lives with a belief that there is enough to go around, there is a strong faith in the beautiful dive orchestration of life. In this world we take complete responsibility for our thoughts, words, beliefs and actions.

In this world, our focus is how can I help and share, not what’s in it for me or what can I get. Our ears are open more than our mouths, and there’s no such thing as judging or criticizing others because in this world, we are so complete within our hearts that we offer compassion, and welcome other points of view. In this world, we remain open to new solutions, more evolved, healthier, authentic ways of living, and we strive to help others shine brighter!

We can begin to live in this world in our hearts, in our homes, in our extended families, with our friends, and continue to keep expanding outward in our own small villages with this intention. Are you on board in my world?

 What societal pressures do you feel?

How does it affect you?

Can you drop them?

If you didn’t feel any pressure from society- how would you feel about yourself right now?

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A big Namaste!