Looking forward to our future

I was taking a walk a few weeks ago on a Sunday morning around a large beautiful lake, the wind was blowing, the trees where swaying and the sun was a brilliant bright light, but in this entire splendor, I was angry. I asked myself, why am I so angry?

My heart was crying tears of sadness. I was sad that I had lived as a child filled with insecurities and endured anti Semitism. I was recalling the sadness that I felt as a child growing up, even while in college dating. I was recalling my feelings of separation, embarrassment, and confusion. And then my heart cried for anyone who suffered feelings of inadequacy or worthiness.

My heart yearns for an earth that is filled with love, filled with a feeling of oneness with everyone, nature and sustainable organic living. I look forward to humans instinctually knowing their greatness, their sense of purpose, and then our focus is on giving, sharing and being.

My heart cries for humans to understand the viability of living in a new paradigm, to be able to open our minds and brains to new healthier ways of living, a higher frequency— a more natural way without the use of pesticides, and chemicals in anything.

A world where humans become more focused on preventative care – through healthy living, exercise, organic fruits, vegetables, and also really understanding the medicinal properties of herbs and eating healthy. A world where people are using food and natural medicines for healing. Very soon, energy medicine, energy psychology and kinesiology will be understood and practiced by many.

A world where sugar and meat are used sparingly, and supermarkets are filled with local organic produce.

I studied the people who live the longest, and are healthy! And, the commonalities: everything is organic, no pesticides, no hormones in their animals (meat is eaten very sparingly if at all), dairy is not consumed much, fresh organic fruits vegetables, nuts, olive oil, grains, beans, legumes. No chemicals in their cleaning products, in their cosmetics, their lotions, environments, shampoos, soaps. The elders are revered. Most of these people don’t suffer from the diseases, cancers and disorders we have in America.

I am looking forward to our future! I believe we will live this way, and it’s just a matter of time. It’s up to us to fight for this now. We can do this together!

You Can help now- Taking Action
1. Ask your schools principals to use green cleaning products.
2. Ask your local restaurants for organic meat and vegetables.
3. Ask your supermarkets for more local organic produce and green non chemical cleaning products.
4. Be part of http://www.Planetforward.org. Watch Planet Forward’s Part 2 television special, on PBS.

Don’t you want to live in this type of world?