Living Fully Empowered in the New Paradigm – 7 Helpful Steps to Move From Confusion to Clarity


During this time here on earth we are all deepening our awareness. We are being pushed along to awaken into the fully empowered, infinite, radiant and beautiful beings that we are right now.

During this process you may have confusion. You may be confused as to what you are meant to be doing and how to go about it or you just feel unfulfilled and want to be connected to something more outside of yourself. You may feel blocked as your next move in your career. You may be stumped and frustrated as to how to manifest a loving partner in your life. Your heart is saying, “I want more love in my life but I don’t now how to create it.” And, you may be annoyed and even anxious with “not having all of your answers and puzzles pieces right now”.  And, I can relate to that. As a human we are much more comfortable knowing what lies ahead in a linear fashion.

Don’t judge your confusion! Love it! Don’t judge your life as bad, less than or something is wrong with you because of this or that.  Say, “I love you so much! I am going to be very loving and kind right now.” We are being stirred up inside because there is no more settling in this new paradigm. It’s all about stepping into our power “fully”. No more settling with our definition as to whom we are, no more settling in our relationships and careers. No more settling in following what “society” says is the right way to live. We are leaving behind the “separation” age and moving into unity. We are being asked to be truthful in all ways and connected to our selves and balanced in our feminine and masculine energies. And, anything that is not genuine and aligned with our core essence will come up to the surface to be “seen.”

We are really being asked to STEP UP and learn about unconditional love and how to be our own best friend and to be extremely responsible and accountable for our energy.

All of the confusion, annoyance, blocks, frustration, and maybe even anxiousness- spring forth an opening and desire deep within you to discover what you do want and who you are. You may feel a yearning to really understand who you are as a spiritual being on earth. You may have an interest in enhancing your intuitive abilities. And you may have determination to feel “free” and to live as an authentic expression of yourself. “Freedom is being you without anyone’s permission.” Author unknown

In the midst of your confusion, you may also experience more joy, happiness and a sense of inner freedom than ever before.

What positive things can you do right now?

1. The first step is to observe how you are feeling. Allow your suppressed emotions to come to the surface. With your eyes closed, place your hands on your heart and ask your heart, “Am I angry and resentful?”, “Am I sad and disappointed?”, “Am I afraid and feeling insecure?” If so, why?

2. Ask your higher-self and the Divine questions. (Your higher self is that wise part of you that is always connected to the Divine.) Ask yourself, “What do I want to create? What am I meant to be doing? How can I express myself in a way that brings forth an avenue of sharing what I love and be able to make a living?”

3. Set your intentions. The next step is to shift your programming to focus on what you do want, such as: “My intention is to have clarity about my career/my love life/my relationships. I choose to feel my wholeness. I choose to learn how to increase my intuition. I choose to grow in consciousness through loving experiences. I choose to be my own best friend and attract loving and kind new friends that are a similar consciousness. I intend to have clarity on how to proceed in regards to ________ for my highest good and mutually beneficial for all.

4. Don’t judge your confusion! Don’t judge your life as bad, less than or assume that something is wrong with you. Move into observation & acceptance. Process your confusion and fear with a Fear Processing Exercise. The intention is to keep your vibration high in a state of unconditional love and trust more than fear, doubt and hate. It’s important to process your emotions. Here is a great exercise to by Inelia Benz,

5. Pay attention. Little by little, the information and guidance will slowly present itself to you. You will begin to receive intuitive answers and information and guidance from the questions that you have asked. And, when you do, don’t disregard it, follow it. Trust that things will be more transparent and slowly come together.

6. Take action on the ideas and creativity that feels good to you.

7. Begin a daily meditation practice and mindfulness practices. Choose the time of day that works for you and sit quietly, breathe and just be.

I too have gone through all of these things. And, my strong passion is to help others during this shift. I recently finished a 198- page manuscript detailing many of my learning lessons, stories, client stories with tools and processes that I’ve learned that have helped me along my journey. Stay tuned for more information on this book.

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Here’s some feedback from the last workshop:

“The Stress Release Workshop was wonderful! When I arrived my stress level was at a seven and by the end it went down to a two and carried over through Sunday. It was clearly your energy, instruction and technique that made it so powerful. The most memorable thing was when you said face what bothers you most and let it go.” Diane Cartwright, April 2013Wonderful visualizations for releasing stress. Meditating is very difficult for me but I find your guided meditations most helpful. It is so amazing how focusing on a few simple words can move us to a more comfortable, joyful, peaceful, loving and lighter self. Thank you, Laurie, for sharing your amazing gift of unconditional-love! Namaste!” Chuckie Johnson, April 2013Awesome class! I felt better afterwards, looking at the stress with love was a great exercise.” M. T, April 2013“Great workshop! Thanks Laurie Martin!” H. B., April 2013 

Namaste my friends,

Laurie Martin,

Laurie Martin has been a leading teacher of self-love and personal empowerment for over ten years. As a passionate speaker, Laurie conducts a series of workshops titled, Living Fully Empowered in the New Paradigm, throughout the year based on her forthcoming book Language of the Heart: Unconditional Love. She is a certified life coach since 2003, a certified yoga instructor since 2002, and the author of Smile Across Your Heart: The Process of Building Self-Love and an e-book called The Conscious Breakup Guide. Laurie has written a monthly “Ask Laurie” advice column called “Heart to Heart,” for the Naples Daily News for over two years contributing over fifty articles. She has distributed her own monthly newsletter to an international readership in several countries for over ten years. Visit her site at