Smile Across Your Heart Course

The Florida Board of Nursing and Florida Board of Nursing Assistants have APPROVED this course. All nurses and nursing assistants earn six continuing education units for attending. Laurie presents this course in hospitals, facilities as well as a stand alone course for the public.

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Laurie’s best tools and information from her three books comes alive! The Smile Across Your Heart course is an opportunity to practice unconditional love and acceptance, healing, forgiveness, effective heart centered communication and full empowerment and immerse yourself in inspiring material. If you are serious about your personal growth, come practice with us!

How participants benefit?

Through demonstration, stories, visualizations, exercises and sharing, the participants empower themselves through these measurable results:

  • Trust your intuition more and able to use your intuition at work.
  • Respond to life situations in a more responsibly calm manner by taking a breath before speaking and observe the scenario with eyes of non-judgment, fear or reacting from ego, emotions or taking things personally.
  • Get into a place of inner peace quicker.
  • Feel more confident.
  • Create healthier life habits that enhance their wellbeing.
  • Get yourself detached from unhealthy emotions, people and drama quicker.
  • Use your mind more productively to be happier, to feel good, positive and optimistic about things and less complaining.
  • Feel more empowered to manifest their heart’s desires and live in integrity.
  • Let go of difficult situations quicker and be able to forgive and live in the present moment.
  • Respect and love yourself and others.
  • Process sad, fearful or angry emotions and feel lighter, and empowered.
  • Communicate more effectively to create harmonious relationships and engage in peaceful dialogues.
  • Get into a meditative state to relax and connect with their wisdom.
  • Live with more courage, powerfully and authentically.

The course includes: Emotional processing techniques, forgivingness and rejection exercises, connection to self, conflict resolution exercise, partner exercises and love from above visualizations.

Course Agenda: (Based on Laurie Martin’s best teachings, information, exercises and processes from all three of her books.)

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Reviews: From April, 2017, NCH Hospital Nurses

“The whole class was good. I’ve been on a self- awareness journey and I am aware of negative feelings/thoughts can affect myself negatively & hold me back. It helped me identify and clarify an issue/conflict that I” dealing with right now. Actually I haven’t been dealing with it. I’ve been avoiding dealing with it and have been aware of that so this has helped me to acknowledge that.” Caryl Godwin

“The class will help me better communicate without hurting others.”  Modelyne Jean-Gilles

“Most memorable was learning to be more aware of our inner-selves, and being in the moment. The class helped me identify areas of past hurts and self-rejection and to help me move forward into a heart of peace and inner healing. I enjoyed Laurie’s class because it brought out some of my hidden fears and past emotional pain and put it into a place of acknowledgment and healing over it.”  Ruby Montefalcon

“The lecture, exercises and interactions with the group was most memorable. It helped me to love myself, I am worth it. As a nurse we are wired to help people feel better. It is ok to help myself, love myself and be true to myself. I have finally taken the time for me, love me and take care of me.” Imelda Terwilliger

 “Being a caretaker I often times am forgetful of who I am as a person and often neglect myself. Now I can say after attending this course and learning the different techniques I can move forward in life. I love myself.”

 “I really enjoyed the visualization exercises . I got a lot out of them. It was filled with great information about letting go of negative thoughts and being less judgmental of ourselves. Laurie today was very enjoyable and informative. Thank you.”

“All the exercises were very helpful. Helped me in relaxing my body. It helped me recognize who I am, accept myself as I am, be responsible for my actions and learn how to communicate effectively.”

“Laurie is passionate about helping others be more loving towards themselves and others. Her class is especially effective for those who care for others dealing with illness and life and death experiences. The most memorable was the unconditional acceptance and love techniques and visualizations, EFT, kinesiology, detachment and observation of situation and responding rather than reacting. Thank you, Laurie – it was a great presentation.” 

 “This class will help me to continue in the process of loving myself without judgment and helping those in need of support in the doing the same.”

 “ After attending this class and learning the different techniques, I can move forward in my life. I love myself.”

 “Most memorable was to take a step back, a deep breath before reacting, think before speaking. And, to remind myself that I’m important.”

 “I will incorporate these skills into my own life journey.”

“It helped me to think about focusing in the present moment.”

Reviews from Sept.23, 2017, NCH Hospital

“The class helped me personally and professionally. Can use learned techniques with relatives and co-workers alike. Also, provided valuable insight into de-escalating negative emotions and energy. Excellent and effective course! Laurie did a wonderful job!! Most memorable was the exercise to decrease negativity and promote relaxation. I appreciate the examples of life experiences from Laurie.” NCH Employee

“I learned to love and accept and forgive myself. It has also helped me to stop and look inside myself for answers.”  NCH Employee

“Most effective was how to handle or deal with your spirit, emotions, feelings etc. And, how to love myself and others.”  NCH Employee

“Most memorable was having instructions to be unconditionally loving towards myself. I love how the class was interactive and experiential. Yes, it helped me to be more aware. I like the different exercises and activities to help me be more positive. I like the statement “joy is your compass.” NCH Employee

“I enjoyed it, I was able to self-evaluate my feelings and think of me.” NCH Employee

“The most effective were the exercise to relax yourself. I will go home and use the techniques I learned and get rid of all my grief in my life.” NCH Employee

“Many things were effective. Self-trust and harmony does exist. This class helped me with the importance of self-love.” NCH Employee

“Most memorable was letting go of judgment and learning how to not take things personally.” NCH Employee

“Most effective was the powerful message of unconditional love for thyself. I will be less critical of myself, take a moment to reflect and respond. Will practice the techniques taught, especially the E.F.T.” NCH Employee

“Laurie’s enthusiasm and love for teaching this topic was most memorable. It really made me realize life is short.” NCH Employee

Reviews from April 21, 2018 NCH Hospital

“I highly recommend this seminar for anyone, not just needing coaching. Very positive experience.”

“Laurie did an excellent job in having you look at yourself and life’s situations in a much better way, and how to deal with them. Very insightful.”

“This course helped so much, especially because there were others attending it. It reminded me that I’m not the only one that goes through hardships.”