Healing Through Loss and Heartbreak Live Class

This class has been APPROVED by the Florida Department of Nursing and Florida Department of Nursing Assistants. All nurses and nursing assistants earn two continuing education units for attending.

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This class is for people who are healing from a breakup, considering a breakup, or a loss of a relationship. In this two-hour interactive class, we explore our current emotions and process anger, sadness, and all uncomfortable emotions. We explore our beliefs around love, relationships and observe our patterns and limitations.



The presentation sheds light on uplifting viewpoints and helps us expand into our unlimited potential. Laurie shares her personal stories in a very open, practical and relatable manner, and lessons that she learned.

This class helps:

  • To heal from a breakup or loss of a loved one and stay open for the future.
  • To come to terms with accepting and embracing the ending of a relationship and living in the unknown.
  • To identify the beliefs, feelings and emotions around a breakup or loss and explore what is possible.
  • To open and expand viewpoints around the breakup or loss and how we identify ourselves.
  • To release emotional attachments and move into acceptance, forgiveness and adapt to the present moment and live more peacefully.

In a visualization exercise, we observe feelings, beliefs, thoughts, emotional attachments, and perceptions around the loss or breakup and acknowledging our feelings and gain clarity and insight. Laurie will guide the class through “emotional freedom technique,” a meridian tapping technique to restore balance and process uncomfortable emotions.

We discuss self-acceptance, forgiveness, boundaries, guilt and self-love after the breakup and loss. You will have plenty on time to share and ask questions.

Date/Location: TBA