Dear Friends,


I personally thank you for the amazing job you are doing here on earth!! I know it’s not always easy! We are changing into a new paradigm and every day we are expanding, growing, learning and creating a new path. Paving a new path means we don’t know what lies ahead, we are creating it moment by moment, step by step and day by day. It can be very challenging to not get discouraged and frustrated with the numerous corrupt and toxic existing systems in place! Remind yourself that you are not going to feel like a victim, you are not going to give your power away to anger and fear! The “powers to be” want you to be in fear and stay in fear. This shift into a new paradigm has been planned for many years. We chose to be here now to be part of this experience and help shift our planet towards love and light, into love and light. We have left the paradigm of victim/aggressor, suffering, and judgment, in a patriarchal society. Many systems were in place to keep us so called asleep. And, millions of people are now waking up and saying, “I DESERVE TO LIVE IN A WORLD THAT HONORS MY DIVINITY, THAT HONORS MY BODY, THE EARTH, THAT HONORS ALL OF HUMANITY AND BEYOND.” This begins with us honoring our divinity moment by moment!

This shift is about us learning how powerful we really are, waking up to who we really are and stepping into that power. It’s only NATURAL for you to desire to live in a world that honors love, unity, collaboration, joy, equality, abundance, trust, kindness and truth. We understand that we are much more than our physical bodies, we are eternal spiritual beings connected energetically to everyone and everything. We are becoming more balanced with our feminine and masculine energies, more balanced with our ego. We are becoming more intuitive and trusting our intuition. We are setting ourselves FREE and becoming more empowered! We may have felt like we have been running as hard as we can upstream to only get pushed backwards. Please KNOW that you are making a difference. Every time you choose to be loving towards yourself with your self-talk, have empowering new beliefs, choose healthy non toxic foods, non toxic products, surround yourself with loving, supportive people, inspiring information and align with actions that are impeccable with your authentic self, and process your emotions YOU ARE CHANGING THE COURSE OF HUMANITY for all of the future generations to come. YOU ARE HELPING WITH OUR SHIFT INTO A FULLY EMPOWERED, LOVE PARADIGM. This is huge!

Try not to give your power away to the things you dislike! Immediately, bring yourself back to WHO YOU TRULY ARE- A FULLY EMPOWERED, INFINITE DIVINE BEING who has the ability to create a new experience at any time! Bring your energy to all of the things you do agree with, you do love, and hold firm to your vision!!! Transmute and dissolve your anger and fear into joy immediately!! There are many different techniques.

You are a being that is PURE JOY, LOVE AND LIGHT! GIVE YOUR ENERGY, THOUGHTS, WORDS, ACTIONS AND ATTENTION TO ONLY THOSE THINGS. Okay? ♥♥♥ Thank you for being here on earth now. Namaste my beautiful friends, Laurie Martin,

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