Acts of Kindness

Acts of kindness transform people’s life forever. The act of kindness is the impetus that uplifts spirits, self-esteem and changes one’s path forever. Suffering disappears in an instant through love. Love is the magical healing formula. Have you ever felt that way…where you were touched so much by someone’s kindness it uplifted you – you felt more alive, bigger? In my darkest of days, I’m blessed to of felt first hand how love was the catalyst to my healing.

This amazing story of love and compassion touched me on a deep level (I saw it on Oprah):
“Marilyn Mock walked into a Dallas foreclosure auction to help her son buy a house.” She saw a woman crying on the street. She approached the woman and asked her why she was at the auction. The woman answered that this was her home and she was evicted and she came to say goodbye. She explained her story of losing her job, and that her dream was to have lived in this home forever. This woman is Tracey.

Marilyn’s immediate reaction was to bid on Tracey’s home. She was determined to give this woman back her dream. And, she did; Marilyn purchased the home and gave it back to Tracey! How amazing is this story!!! The depth of healing was enormous that was felt by this woman.

Tracey said, “One act of kindness can change your whole outlook. That’s what Marilyn did for me.”

The woman didn’t even have the means to buy the home, but was able to make it happen. The two women are very close friends now. The woman being evicted got her home back and a new best friend. I love this story!!!

Here is the complete story:,,20245447,00.html

Please email me your stories of kindness that others have bestowed upon you!

Acts of kindness can be small things too such as a loving embrace, kind words, support, an open ear, committing to your promises, being authentic and compassionate, letting people know they matter and knowing they are perfect just as they are, or appreciated. After hearing this story, I was inspired to pass the love on to someone and I did.

Tell people in your lives how much they mean to you. Be the kindest to those that care about you. I have created Helping Hand Awards. If you are interested in receiving one for your friends, here’s what you do:
1. Write a comment telling me how this story inspired you to help or apprciate someone. To leave a comment, Click on the title “Acts of Kindness” and scroll down. It will then ask you for your comments.
2. Ask me for a Helping Hand Award.
3. Give me your email address.

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