A Mind of Expansiveness

Michael Jackson’s sudden death had many people sharing sentiments. A common message I heard from famous performers is how he changed ‘the music industry’ forever and there will be no others like him. Michael was an inspiration to many musicians and performers. It was Michael’s artistic perfectionism, to push his abilities and reach where no performer has ever gone. He sought out information constantly meeting with whom he thought was the best, asking questions, learning and practicing. He even sought out spiritual guidance from Deepak Chopra.

This moment added to my continual thread of thought about people whom don’t conform to the main path, but challenge conventional ways, and act and “be” an expression of their truth.

The most important thing is to look at our BELIEFS. Are you open to the possibility of a new way, a healthier way, or possibly a natural way? Are you open to a new way which takes you out of the energy of the collective consciousness and allows you to live in the space of mass expansiveness –that anything is possible? And, from this place you draw what you belief and what you are focused on to you.

Ignac Semmelweis understood the concept of mind expansiveness.

“In the nineteenth century, it was common for young women to die after giving birth. It was called “childbed fever. It was also quite common for doctors to go straight to the maternity ward after performing autopsies without washing their hands. No one seemed to make the connection… at least until 1847, when a Hungarian physician by the name of Ignac Semmelweis discovered that by simply washing his hands before assisting in childbirth, he could dramatically reduce the occurrence of childbed fever.

Occurrences of childbed fever plummeted and death rates dropped dramatically. But his contemporaries refused to accept his idea because it went against the currently accepted theory of the day.  He was ridiculed and ostracized by the medical community.”  

There have been many other amazing pioneers who forged ahead and made great change, and endured unbearable criticism at the same time, to name a few that have touched me: Dr. Bates, Dr. Max Gerson, Emanuel Revici and Meir Schneider.

I believe we will live in a time where traditional medicine curriculum will expand to include more information on healing the body/spirit/mind with holistic natural means. People are forcing this to happen by demanding and asking for this information and searching for this knowledge and by seeing great personal results.

And, you ask me how can a person do that? With the internet we can research so much information, we take the time and stay open.

Say, “My mind is open to receiving new information on the most effective and healthiest ways to heal myself, to maintain wellness and overall health for my body, spirit and mind. Please bring this information to my awareness and please help my consciousness stay open to receive it. Thank you!”

“I am open to the knowledge of natural health. I draw this wisdom to me. My body remembers its original blueprint of perfect health. I am perfect health. I live in the consciousness of perfect health.”

When a student if ready, the teacher shows up.

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