10 Things You Forgot about When You Chose to Be a Human written by Laurie Martin


1. You have heaven coded inside your DNA and energy system. Tap into heaven inside your heart!

2. You are not alone – ever. You have loving unseen help around you always!

3. You are loved and needed. Always KNOW you are an EQUAL to everyone!

4. You are much more powerful than you even think! Trust yourself and your amazing intuitive gifts!

5. You have the ability and capability to get into a place of inner peace a lot quicker than your normal process. Observe what takes you out of inner peace, and take a stand, “Nothing takes me away from my connection to self and to God. I connect to my inner light, to unconditional love from above and the heaven that is coded inside of me.”

6. You are INFINITE. Your light will always go on!

7. Your natural nature is LOVE. Make decisions, perceptions and choices from love- unconditional acceptance.

8. You are an energy being that RADIATES light! Say, “I step into my powerful radiance!!!”

9. You were made on purpose exactly how you are and who you are right now. Your energy is divinely perfect for the “whole” of the universe and is interconnected to the entire universe.

10. You life purpose is to remember, express and “be” your authentic, beautiful, WHOLE, RADIANT, FULLY EMPOWERED DIVINE SOUL! 🙂  Share yourself in a way that reflects who you truly are.

Namaste my friends,