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Select from these Testimonial categories to read what some happy clients' have to say about Laurie Martin!


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Sign up for the free monthly Smile Across Your Heart Newsletter

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Book Testimonials

June 18, 2011
"I'm loving your book Smile Across Your Heart! It's like it's speaking directly to me. I'm so glad I found your website! I realized I needed to work on self love, that I will keep attracting abusive men and seek their validation like a drug unless I do the hard stuff and start to repair within. Part II, Its really awesome when you finish reading a life changing book and the author herself is your friend on Facebook and asks what you benefitted most from it. I highly recommend Smile Across your Heart by Laurie Martin to anyone who needs to heal, let go of the past, and begin co-creating your future! A great first step in ending the pity party and playing the victim role!"
Nida Nazir

April, 2010
"You are SOOO effective when it comes to lifting people's spirits with profound truths aboout self-love. I got so much from your book and I'm eternally grateful. I struggled almost my entire life with extreme self-doubt and it surely is a crippler....but I'm truly better now, thanks to people like you. What separates you from others that offer help is you give us TOOLS that we can utilize to help us in our quest for a more fulfilling life and your focal point is all about SELF-LOVE which is at the heart of most if not all issues & problems. You've got to be one of the most honest and positive people I know Laurie. God bless you Laurie for all that you do....couldn't thank you more! ♥♥♥"
Nancy Morales

May, 2011
"Laurie, when I received your book in my hand, that was one of the most powerful and magical moments of my life! I felt so free and happy, like everything was possible- like another beginning!"
Luz Alvarez Loria

January, 2011
"I have loved my journey with your book Smile Across Your Heart. It has helped me open doors where there were only windows cracked. And, it has brought that smile back into my heart! This is a lifetime gift that will keep on giving and sharing with others."
Morgana Blevins

December, 2009
"In this age of myriad and often complex transformational and therapeutic approaches to healing, Laurie Martin gently leads us by the hand to the heart of all healing matters, reminding us that living with love presence is the simplest and ultimate way forward on the path to wholeness. In her warmly embracing book, Laurie shows how focusing on the development of our connection with our heart will naturally bring the wellness and joy in living we seek, and with the greatest of ease. No matter what our self-improvement quest may be, Smile Across Your Heart offers both a good place to begin and lifelong guidepost along our path."
David Klein, Ph.D., H.D., author of The Art of Rejuvenation and Self Healing Colitis & Crohn's, and editor of Vibrance magazine.

June, 2009
"This is the best book ever!! I loved it!!!"
Mary Ann Mancini

May, 2009
"I am thoroughly enjoying reading your book. I have only read a few chapters and have already learned many beneficial things. I have tagged pages and highlighted areas. Thank you so much for writing it."
Linda Vines

Divine Intervention! July 17, 2007
This book truly came at the right time in my life to remind me of these amazing universal truths! Laurie did a beautiful job of pulling all of these principles together in a way that I could immediately apply them into my life. I think we are all moving so fast and furious these days and the biggest thing I learned from this book is to not attach myself to the outcome of situations - that is one of my lessons that I am learning.
So thank you Laurie Martin for your sharing your time, experience and love....

Laurie, you have helped me in so many ways, I think your writings and inspiration are so uplifting and helpful, especially on the days when the cobwebs take over your every thought, so many times I have read your newsletters in email and it has been exactly what I needed to hear, you are channeled from God, I know you are an angel, and I wanted you to know. Thank you! and God Bless You for all you do to make this world a better, happier, place.

Sets you on the path to transformation, March 14, 2008
This is such a great read. It really helped me to reevaluate my life and experiences. It gives you simple tools to start to create new healthy healing patterns. I absolutely loved it and would recommend it to anyone.
By Lisa Bane

Smile across your heart puts a smile in your heart, August 8, 2007
A great book. Easy to read and understand, it is a bible for those of us who suffer from self-doubt and have fallen victim to self-deceit and dishonor. Ms Martin is encouraging and uplifting, but gives real ideas and solutions to release the imprisonment of self-doubt. I highly recommend it.
By Kenneth Courington

Simple Instructions to Better your Life! July 27, 2007
Laurie Martin in Smile Across Your Heart -- The Process of Building Self Love provides clear guidance and meditation for connecting with yourself and enhancing the experience of everyday life. As a person who has had many difficult relationships throughout my lifetime, I find Martin's words to provide new ways of dealing with that difficulty and moving forward to a better understanding of who I am as an individual and how we are all intertwined by the emotional relationships present in all our lives. The exercises provided in the book are simple and effective, I felt the inner child exercise to be eye opening toward the baggage I carry with me still to this day; and with patience and practice I know I will continue to grow spiritually throughout my life.
M. Moegelin

"I finally started your book Smile Across Your Heart, and I am enjoying it immensely! Some of the things you say feel like you are speaking directly to me.....things I've know but have forgotten or stopped practicing. I appreciate your guidance both through coaching and your book. I would like to order 10 copies of "Smile Across Your Heart" to give to family and friends who I know will appreciate and enjoy it."
Carol Moegelin

"This book has a pulse. There is a rhythm to the construction of insights and activities and to the coach's voice. Repetition is part of the book and the program, reinforcing key concepts, enhancing the possibilities for changes in outlook and behavior. One can't help but want to follow her lead."
Naples Sun Times Review: August, 2007 writer: Mr. Phil Jason

"I was really uplifted when I read your book. You are truly an inspiration."
Carroll Johnson, Librarian

"My boss Sandi handed your Smile Across Your Heart book to us as a present. I haven't put it down since. It's my companion on the metro and anytime I have a minute to breathe. I've read through it once and am reading it over again. Your book has given me really accessible tools to change my life. I want to schedule a life coaching consultation with you."
Ugonma, Yoga Teacher


Workshop & Speaking Appearances


"Laurie, your empowerment presentation at the Diamond Girls conference was fantastic! You are a diamond woman!!!! The students were captivated listening to your vibrant stories and wisdom. One of the students is including you in her paper on one of the most inspiring people and another student is interested in you being their mentor. As a speaker, your heartfelt passion, genuine love and ability to reach people through your honest and forthright communication style shines bright! We are grateful to you and are looking forward to having you come back as well as your participation on our advisory board.�
Kevin Schell, Director of Academy of Sports and Entertainment Marketing Teacher, Gulf Coast High school, 2011

"A sincere appreciation for the Outstanding Presentation for my Professional Communication class on Monday, October 31, 2011. My students thought very highly of your knowledge, experience and wisdom! Thank you very much!"
Dr. Earl Bradford Smith, October 2011

"Laurie Martin is the MOST inspirational person that I know in my entire life!"
Susie Lentz" 8/2011

"Laurie's workshop opened up topics not often discussed with others. I enjoyed the strategies of dealing with others in difficult situations."
Marie Thimble" 3/28/09

"Laurie Martin is a wonderful communicator and spirit. She is extremely inspirational and gives such a welcome perspective on all topics that are essential to everyone. I thank Laurie so much for coming to speak to our group! I loved how she brought not only insight into some of her client situations but her own as well. The personal stories she told seemed to make the group connect even more with her including myself. All the feedback I heard around me was all very positive! It was a great way to start the year!�
Denise Gamache" 9/8/2010

"Laurie is so special sharing many impactful ways to help improve my life."
Gordon Safran" 3/28/09

"I learned techniques to live more lightly. What was most memorable was, "When I'm not at peace, it's from a need.." and not to react so quickly."
Peggy Sugrue-Temple 3/28/09

"The most memorable thing to me is Laurie's honesty and ability to think on her feet."
Roz Rubenstein" 11/08

"Excellent presentation! I benefited by learning to focus on my own reactions, concentrate on the positive and how to take responsibility for my own reactions to others people's behavior."
Nancy McPeak" 11/08

"You offer many positive insights such as give ourselves emotionally what we need- unconditional love."
Dailey McPeak, 11/08

"The most memorable thing from the workshop was Laurie's illustrations from her personal experience."
Norine Armstrong, 11/08

"Laurie, your program at the Empowering Women Luncheon was perfect. Helping women set limits and encouraging self love is a wonderful gift. Providing real life examples were so effective and helpful to all of us in the audience. Your manner of delivery made each person feel special as well. Your Life Coaching Skills are outstanding. Thank you for sharing your gift of self love and your very meaningful book, Smile Across Your Heart. In Appreciation!"
Jalna MacLaren" 4/08

"Laurie Martin helped make our first fund raiser a success!! She is an articulate speaker with just the right amount of pizzazz to keep her audience enthralled. We had a 100 women at the Empowering Woman's luncheon, they all enjoyed her. Her book, which I just started reading, is excellent. We have asked her to speak at our next fund raiser which is April 2, 2008."
Lee Kraus, Co-chair of the Empowering Women Committee, Naples Woman's Group, 11/07

"Laurie, thank you so very much for your dynamic talk for the Commercial Real Estate Woman group. I have to say that it made my perspective on my weekend entirely different�which I would call rather profound. Anyway, I know that everyone was pleased with your talk! I can�t wait to start reading your book, I KNOW that I will enjoy it"
Janet Wine, 5/08

"I LOVE your teaching and book. I really can't put into words how much I greatly appreciate you, your warmth, your humor, your ability to put complex thoughts and ideas into such clear and useable everyday language and your wonderful teaching- really life changing."
Carol Koningson, Workshop Attendee, 3/08

"Laurie has the gift of making others smile across their heart through her unbridled passion."
Nancy Mills, Founder,, 10/08

"After many years of self discovery, my wife and I came across Laurie Martin and decided to take her telephone class "Manifesting Skills". Laurie brought together many enlightening concepts in a relaxing way touching on universal truths that we seem to forget during our busy days. The professional, yet gentle way she delivers these messages reminds us that we are spiritual beings that have the ability to manifest our future by living in the moment. Her methods are easy to keep in mind and with some practice I'm sure our future will be much brighter. We look forward to more classes."
Russell Anderson and Terri Rose-Anderson

"Thank you so much for everything! You have guided me to be a better, happy, smiling beautiful woman. You have encouraged me to reach towards the sky will all my inner energy without limits and surround myself with beautiful music. I feel as if I deserve the best of this life with a positive attitude. I know I can paint the sky with my own colors and words. Thank you for sharing your magic with me."
Claudia Lozano

"Your workshop opened my mind to new possibilities. It made me aware of the humor in life."
Rosemary Bonham-Smith, Workshop Attendee, 3/08

"Your workshop was a good cross section of ideas on self-love and self-care. I would attend your workshops frequently but I'm just here visiting."
Marcia Southall, Workshop Attendee, 3/08

"I benefited immensely from this workshop!! I have taken another step forward in my healthy relationship with myself. Laurie is a master of her craft- the building of self love. She is a walking, smiling, vibrant example of what she teaches- a most special person!!"
George Egan, 9/07

"Laurie is a gifted, compassionate role model and is someone who whole heartedly practices what she preaches AND if we all did what she preached this world would undeniably be a better place. She is a leader and true inspiration by her thoughts and actions on this plane."
Melanie DiLella, workshop attendee, 4/06

"I learned new ways to visualize successful outcomes, release negative emotions, and see & appreciate the positive aspects of my life."
Mike Salamone, Workshop Attendee

"Thank you for sharing so generously- your life, your love, your wisdom and all of your tools! Your workshop took people deep inside where all the answers can be found!"
Catherine S., Woman of Vision & Action

"We obtained so much from your presentation. You are a beautiful spirit who truly wants to help others realize how wonderful of a spirit they are as well. Your workshop was a lot more personal than others. You were not preaching that you knew all the answers, nor were you trying to sell us on anything, including your services. I admire you and aspire to help others in the future just as you have helped us."
Nicole Kerr, NewLife Expo

"Laurie has helped me fall in love with my life again - one step at a time! I am a different person since Laurie came into my life! Thank you!"
Michelle Montana, Coaching Client & Workshop Attendee

"Getting more positive energy like this into my life is a big benefit"
Chuck Ritter, Workshop Attendee, Mastery of Your Heart, 9/06

"Very good life strategies with a much more personl touch to learning than other seminars."
Jane Lynch, Global Health & Healing Expo

"Your workshop was inspiring and full of positive energy!"
Vicki Wagoner

"The workshop was a wonderful reminder of the power of attitude, of repeating positive, uplifting thoughts and activities, the wonder of giving. You yourself are a light, your energy says more than your words- which are beautiful.
J. Shallabarger


"Your workshop was amazing, awesome and inspiring. I actually cried tears of joy in my car when I left and thanked God for putting such a positive, passionate, motivational human on this planet. It was all with heart plus humor and so deeply true, honest and inspiring.
Tiffany Weis

"Thank you! Great energy and connection within the group, you went above and beyond with additional exercises. Very reinforcing and fun!"
Lynn Scombordi

"Positive info and good tools for home, life and job change. Great instructor, energy and heart!"
Bette Sollers

"The seminar was enlightening! It has inspired me to do soul searching- to seek a new path for the remainder of my life. I have attended only a few seminars but this was my favorite. I felt Laurie was very sincere and courageous in how she deals with people while being sensitive at the same time."
Sandra Bueschel



"Laurie - I like your newsletter and have been grateful for it for the past few years. Unconditional love has been your baseline for your work and you "practice what you preach" ....and that's awesome....thanks again!"
Linda Underwood, 6/09

"Thank you Laurie. Today was the perfect day to receive your June newsletter. Having read what you had to say, I am now aware of changes I can make that will release emotions as opposed to only trying to focus on the good. It is great to focus on the good, but I sometimes would wonder why I still wasn't fully happy. It is because I never let myself feel my original emotions. You've got a wonderful gift Laurie."
Katie Standage, 5/08

"Thank you so much for this past newsletter. It gave me clarity- I have a tendency to be a pushover sometimes- not really use discernment and get that 'stuck' unsure feeling in moments but the whole rating 1-10 thing, I LOVE IT! Sounds silly but little mental techniques like that make a huge difference. I'm gonna print this one out and keep it on my alter!
Many thanks!"
Tara Kimes, 3/27/07

"Laurie, after reading your September newsletter, I did one of the Joy Exercises, I smiled at a slow driver instead of being angry and it felt great!; I love your newsletters".

"You do a great job with your newsletter trying to bring inner peace to people's lives. Right on with the October newsletter Laurie...lots of good and positive thoughts."
Grace Capozzi

"Thanks so much for producing the "Smile Across Your Heart" newsletter...I truly enjoy reading it and practicing what you suggest."
T. Fowler

"Your newsletters have always touched me! I was amazed because it felt like you were writing directly to me when you wrote this newsletter. Your newsletters help me look at things differently; I do miss talking to you and doing yoga with you. Thank you for all the different ways you have helped me look at life. You are a great inspiration!"
F. Spataro


Life Coaching

"Laurie Martin is one of the most amazing and inspiring woman who ever touched my soul. She helped me through one of the most difficult times in my life. Not only did she guide me to find the strength and courage to fight, and to overcome my battle, but consistently lifted my spirits and gave me hope. To Laurie, I will forever be grateful."
Jane Doyle, Coaching Client

"Laurie, you don't realize how much you have helped me. I just had to learn the hard way but I'm so glad I left him. My life is the best its ever been! I love you and thank you and God for all you have done!"
Nikki Evans, Coaching Client, 4/2011

"After listening to Laurie speak and reading her newsletter for a few months, I then decided to sign up for a few coaching sessions. Laurie helped me to understand why specific personal roadblocks were in my way (for decades) and how I could overcome them. I literally felt as if I "lost weight", so to speak. I was able to let go of some relationships that were no longer fulfilling and to focus on relationships that truly benefited me and the person whom I've longed to become. I was also able to finally realize my life's true goals and felt as if she helped me "clear the path" toward attaining them. Thank goodness for such a discovery of Laurie!"
Denise Phillips, Coaching Client, 12/09

"Thanks to Laurie's coaching, guidance and her book, she has helped my relationship with my girlfriend work out much better; I am more focused at work, and my business is improving even through this bad economy. She helped me get out of a depression and have a much better attitude! I wish I knew of Laurie sooner! Thank you Laurie!" "
Fred Hill, Coaching Client, 4/09

"Thank you so much for your coaching yesterday! I have a much better perspective - and I am more positive about my future....I will be working on the balance act....!!"
Charmaine Powers, Coaching Client, 5/08

"You truly are a beautiful soul and I appreciate everything I have learned from you, both in coaching and in Yoga. Thanks again for everything."
Darlene Kenworthy, Coaching Client, 5/06

"I wanted to call you and thank you for helping me so much last week in my coaching session. I was telling my buddy in CA how you pointed out the obvious to me and that you were so able to pick up on everything so quickly. You are really good at what you do!"
Joseph Hecht, Coaching Client, 5/08

"Laurie Martin is a wonderful, intuitive and centered coach who provided me with the space and the tools to help me refocus my life. Her compassion, wisdom, listening and visioning skills were exactly what I needed. I am grateful to regard her as a friend...I brag about her all the time and what she has taught me..."
Rick Anderson, Coaching Client

"When I started working with Laurie I was searching for life answers outside myself. Laurie taught me how to go inside, and to feel that I am enveloped by divine support. She helped me to love myself unconditionally. Applying her techniques to my daily routine has given me serenity and peace of mind."
Dana Ryken, Coaching Client

"Laurie you truly are a beautiful person on the inside. I enjoyed our life coaching sessions thoroughly and am now able to face my job with a newly revived outlook which I desperately needed. Thank you for being such an inspirational person."
Darlene Kenworthy, Coaching Client, 5/06

"Coaching sessions has helped me take time to plan ways to incorporate lifestyle changes. I felt the benefits of coaching sessions daily by having a variety of excercises to work on throughout the week. I have learned a lot about patience and consistency. I will definatly be contacting you for more coaching."
K. Carlson


Yoga Teaching

"I did ten private yoga sessions with Laurie and I have never felt this good as an adult. I'm over sixty years old and for the first time my body is doing things I haven't done since my thirties. Yoga with Laurie changed my life. I'm now a regular student."
Nancy Wiadro, 2006

"Dear Laurie! I am in your class Saturdays morning at the A.C.N and your Yoga classes are AWESOME!!!! I am sorry I had to miss your class this Saturday, but I hope I can make it next Saturday. Thanks for being such a GREAT teacher."
Ivanna, 3/2007

"I started attending yoga classes about 18 months ago on the advice of my doctor. I had injured some ligaments in my shoulder and the doctor felt that some gentle stretching would help me to gain back the flexibility in my arm and shoulder. After 18 months of yoga, under Laurie's guidance, I have a full range of motion with my arm. I also have had the priviledge of studying meditation with Laurie for the past 16 weeks. Laurie's sense of humor and her knowledge of yoga and meditation make her an excellent instructor."
Lori Froelich


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