• Hi, I'm Laurie Martin.

    Thank you for visiting my site! Come on in. We are all awakening to the fact that we are beautiful, infinite, fully empowered beings and our true essence is unconditional love, joy, and light. And, it takes practice, tools and exercises to process our fears, insecurities, and negative programs and upgrade to higher vibrational language, intentions, beliefs and perspectives. Living more aligned with our true self leads to a more joyous life. This site offers you many avenues to empower yourself. Browse around and enjoy!

  • Business & Life Coaching

    Laurie specializes in assisting and inspiring others who are in the midst of a challenge, a life transition, assistance with managing emotions, clarifying direction and pursuing goals, improving communication in relationships or in need of personal empowerment. Laurie’s work is focused on guiding others from fear to love, from confusion to clarity, from insecurity to confidence, from self-doubt to empowerment and trust.

  • Smile Across Your Heart Course

    Laurie’s best tools and information from her three books comes alive for YOU to empower yourself!

    This course is an opportunity to practice unconditional love and acceptance, healing, forgiveness, exercises to process fears, effective heart centered communication and full empowerment.